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01:11:29 16 Nov, 2022

Internationally known entrepreneurs Nat & Chanida Paranaputra and iBBT have agreed to work together on creating the Green Tech Coin and use case for the token (GTEC). The primary scope of the GTEC Coin is to enable a reward and social currency that supports the vision of unifying smart technologies and leading sustainable futures for consumers, cities, and commercial brands. The next few years will usher a wave of experiments where sustainability professionals are likely to see the most action: among utilities or renewable energy developers seeking a more efficient way of pricing and selling clean power, at consumer products companies and retailers seeking a better way of validating supply-chain claims; and among banks and insurance companies interested in verifying the provenance of minerals, commodities or raw materials. One of those innovative developers is Green Tech Coin Redefining Renewable Energy On The Block

The Green Tech Coin, or GTEC, is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token created by iBBT in partnership with internationally known entrepreneurs Nat & Chanida Paranaputra. Building on years of research, the GTEC project tackles a simple question: how can human communities thrive in the 21st century while sustaining natural resources and using the benefits of modern technology? The Green Technology Coin project sets out to explore this idea, providing visionary descriptions of green housing and innovative technologies in sustainable energy products, such as hydrogen production and its green housing possibilities. The vision for the GTEC token owner is to be rewarded perpetual passive income by supporting projects that the Green Tech Coin or GTEC funds. The Token owner will have an opportunity to join an exclusive Ambassador's Club for free that allows members to convert their GTEC tokens into GTEC Non-Fungible Tokens that share up to 30% of a particular project's EBIDTA revenue reward supported in the Ambassador Club. Unfortunately, only 167,100 such GTEC NFTs in the whole Ambassador's Club is available for a lifetime.* * Some restrictions apply to GTEC Token to NFT conversion. More details are available on Ambassador Club membership and rewards. The GTEC token supports only Ambassador Club-approved projects. Join our

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