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white paper https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2022/03/06/04/19/04-19-35-527_640.jpg Happy Birthday Coin (HBDC) + Congratulation Coin (Congrats) + Happy Angel Coin (Angel) are called Happy Block. It is a block located in the center of the ecosystem, and for this to be activated, Angel Coin and Happy Birthday Coin need to be expanded. In this ecosystem, the value increase is linked according to the stake and utilization of users, and it can be freely used through swap. The price of digital assets that generate blocks will change together, and as the liquidity of funds increases, the liquidity of CONGRATS and the value of blocks will increase. Congratulation Coin is determined by the consensus algorithm of Happy Angel Coin and Happy Birthday Coin. Although there is a foundation for the project, additional coins operated on the Happy Birthday Platform system are required, they are issued as a coin that can be linked to the central issuer (central government) and combines the Happy ecosystem with their value increases. As Angel + Happy Birthday Coin is activated, Happy Liquidity Pool and Congratulation Coin are designed to increase their value.

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