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Working on Getting token Tradeable

I’m still working out exactly how to accept MadCap Money as a payment method for anything we sell. It looking like it will have to be listed somewhere in order for me to get a payment service accept it. So far, everywhere I’ve checked into listing MadCap money, they want $5,000-$10000 before they’ll list it. If anyone knows how to get a coin listed somewhere at a reasonable price, and could help me out with that, I’d definitely appreciate it. You’d get yourself some free coins for your troubles also.

Site up on

I got the DNS settings sorted out so we are on the custom domain finally. [url=][/url]. I still have to finish up getting the rest of the material loaded in, which shouldn’t be more than a day or so. I’ve gotten an e-bay store set up, Shopify light set for the main site, and am almost done with the setup for a full Shopify store as well. I have a couple more domains registered. I can’t remember exactly what they are at the moment, but the full Shopify store will use one of those and be linked with the main site. The e-bay store will have links to and from the main site as well. The site will have a slimmed down version of the store, with the full Shopify checkout process enabled, as well as PayPal, Amazon pay and a couple others. Getting products now, then have to load them all in, which is a fairly tedious time consuming process, but August 1st is still looking good at the moment.

Progress made

I was able to make quite a bit of progress on the site today. I think I have all of the pages laid out properly and simply need to go through and finish adding the material in it's proper place, check links to ensure theyre working properly, and finally fix the DNS settings so we can move over to our custom domain. I did get the store at least started on Shopify. I'm hoping I don't have many scheduling surprises over the next few days and I can get the site finished and still have 10-12 days to get the store all put together properly, while still making the August 1st target date I set. Until I get DNS fixed we're still on the google sites domain. Check out the progress here if youd like: [url=][/url] Thanks, Justin The MadCap Group

Website Progress

I had some issues arise elsewhere that I've had to spend the past couple weeks taking care of. Those are all taken care of now and I can get back to work on this project. My original target date for the completion of the site was August 1st. Even with about a 2 week delay here while I handled other issues, I still hope to have the site built by August 1st. I've got quite a bit of work to do in the next couple weeks in order to make the target date, but I'm going to be working solely on this project until its completion so we should be ok. You can follow the development of the site at [url=][/url]

Website Coming Along Nicely

We've been working on our website, getting our guides put together and the bugs sorted out. We still have to figure out whats going on in the DNS setting in order to get our custom domain to work properly. Until then it will remain at the google sites url [url=][/url]. We hope to have everything done and fully operational by August 1st. In other news, our Kickstarter campaign is currently being reviewed. If that gets approved and we meet our goal, we'll have the funding necessary for some video equipment and editing software. This will be a huge addition, enabling us to provide step by step video guides that will be much more user friendly than simply reading the process and looking at pictures ever could be. But things are coming along nicely and we hope to have everything up and rolling here in about a month. Thanks, MadCap Group