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https://otict.otinternational.org/assets/landing/theme-assets/images/otict-g.png/ OTICT - OTI Community Token Our vision in creating a crypto token is to support our causes, to help as many people as we can and grow from here. We strongly believe in the proverb “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” There are many people in need of help in the world, and if we just give them financial support, why would they need to change their status? Our goal is to offer these people, housing, education and jobs so that they can eventually return to their communities as active members. We know that many people choose to stay on the streets begging for money and support, our focus however are those who landed on the street due to unforeseen circumstances and want to return to normality, those who just need a second change, and a little help to get there. Many people look at charity or community work and think that money given to these causes are used once and then no more, but this is not sustainable. In our project we aim to establish a variety of social enterprises that will be able to support our causes and be sustainable, so that we are not constantly asking our community to support the same causes. These Social Enterprises will be able to house homeless people and families, while still operating with a profit from other sources, they will be able to offer employment opportunities to those in need while still allowing the income generated from these to allow growth and sustainability. By buying our token, you are helping our communities, while gaining tokens that should become far more valuable than your contribution. Our current vision and goals are: • Buy/build housing projects to accommodate over 100,000 families who are rendered homeless due to the economic difficulties due to economic crisis and COVID-19 • Employ over 100,000 people with a goal of employing over 1 million people by the end of 2030 • Plant 1 million trees annually to assist in reforestation as a result of devastating fires which destroyed them. • Environmental conservation project support • Offer 25,000 scholarships annually to excellent academic candidates with economic disadvantages to allow them to follow their educational path to ensure they continue to contribute to our communities. • Deliver 10,000 food hampers per month to families with financial difficulties It is important to note that the causes we will be supporting will also include assistance to empower people be become independent. We will help those who have lost their home to find employment so that they can support themselves. The people who will be employed will be at our social enterprises allowing them to contribute to the entities that helped them bounce back on their feet. We will also partner with our supporters to help find employment for those in need. We will continue our educational programs to help people gain skills and competences to increase their employability. Current Problems • Over 14M unemployed people in Europe • Over 700,000 registered homeless people • 19% of youth don’t finish school • 50% of forests in Europe have been destroyed • 37% of top students can’t afford to go to university More details about our token can be found https://otict.otinternational.org/ Find out who OTI is https://otinternational.org

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28 Feb 2022
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11:03:42 03 Mar, 2022

In light of what is happening in Ukraine, OTICT, will use the sale of 5 Billion OTICT tokens for projects in Ukraine. We plan to help with infrastructure rebuilding and assisting people who have been displaced due to the war. We support life and will do everything in our power to assist those in need.

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