Our target company for investment in the next 2023
22:11:19 29 Nov, 2022

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Golden Stater was the main coin struck by Alexander the Great of Macedonia, and these are the most well-known coins of the ancient world. He also issued a small amount of the impressive golden Distaters, or golden double Staters, that were thought to be used as payment to his most trusted soldiers. In a relation with this, we, the ELEKRONSKI ZELEN PAZAR LLC from Resen, a startup company from the Republic of North Macedonia, have minted this crypto Stater MKD (Macedonian Stater), as a coin intended for You - the investment Warriors, who will decide to invest in the green energy production development for the region of RN Macedonia. How does it work? Each year, at 31.12 00:00, we release 1 000 000 new Staters MKD, with a total value of 55 550 000 MintMe (for the new 2023 we have already released the first 1 000 000 upfront). So, you buy Staters MKD by the current market price (55.55 MintMe/ 1 Stater MKD), and thus you (and all the other investors together) will fill our investment liquidity pool with MintMe, in the form of crowdfunding investment. Since our pool reaches a value of 55 550 000 MintMe coins, we will choose a liquid company from RN Macedonia, which, in the last 5 years period , continually have made the minimum average profit of $ 1 000 000 per year (this company should posses a processing factory that needs a huge amount of electricity), then, we invest the funds from the liquidity pool in a photovoltaic system development for the needs of the factory, and in return we get minimum 1/3 ownership of the factory (this is our main condition for investing). After that, each next year, after submitting the final accounts of the company (at the end of March) and acquiring minimum 1/3 of the profit for the previous year, we enter 97% of the funds into the liquidity pool of the Stater MKD in MintMe coins, thereby increasing the value of Stater MKD by a minimum of 29.1% for each fallowing year, which means that you will back your investment in a maximum 3 years period, and after that for each next year your Stater MKD tokens will have value +29.1% on the top of your investment, or in another words you will start earning minimum 29.1% from the value of your investment, for each next year, starting no later than the third year from the moment of your investment by purchasing Stater MKD. It's simple, isn't it? 1. A certain company needs a renewable source of energy and cheaper electricity; 2. You invest in the construction of such a system for the production of electricity and thereby enable the company to solve the issue of the energy crisis. 3. The company shares the profits with you as their investors. 4. Stater MKD is the currency that helps both sides (you and the company) to fulfill the previous 3 steps without additional brokerage and transaction costs. About our company: ELEKTRONSKI ZELEN PAZAR LLC Resen (the English translation of the name is Cyber Green Market llc with a seat in Resen - a small city in the southwest of RN Macedonia) is a startup company from RN Macedonia (founded on 26.11.2018) that deals with a creation and development of their own commercial and social web platforms. If you are interested in learning more about our platforms, what they are, how they work, what are the benefits from the services and products on our platforms, how you can earn by being a member of one of our platforms, and much more, feel free to visit our official website by clicking the link below ELEKTRONSKI ZELEN PAZAR LLC Resen Date of foundation: 26.11.2018 "29 Noemvri" 1/27 7310 Resen RN Macedonia Tax number: 4024018506557 info@greenbalkanexpress.com +38977878198

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