The 2023 roadmap for Stithulf is an ambitious plan that consists of three phases, each aimed at achieving a specific objective. The first quarter, from April to June, is focused on launching the 'Stithulf ERC' token. This launch will give value to the tokens, which will be essential for lending services 🏷️ The second quarter, from July to September, is centered on creating a board and registering the entity. The board's role is to make decisions that will drive the company's growth, while registration ensures that the company operates within the legal framework. The board will provide guidance on various aspects, including financial strategy, operational activities, and risk management 💼 The third and most critical phase runs from October to December, when the company plans to start conducting lending operations. This is the phase where Stithulf will start generating revenue by providing services to borrowers. The token plays a significant role in this phase as the funds will be in $SULFERC. This is also when the company's risk management strategy comes into play to ensure that the company's lending operations are sustainable and profitable ⭐

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18 Apr 2023
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