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Proposal to Create a TWC 24/7 Live Stream Radio

Start date: 09.01.2021 12:09:06 | End date: 12.20.2021 11:12:00 | Created by: TheWaveCache

Hello TWC Token holders! We are asking our community of supporters to vote on this key decision. The Wave Cache is considering the creation of a permanent 24/7 Live Stream Radio which will cycle through our artists' music and content from musicians that send submissions to our online media channels. We have tested this idea in the past (on YouTube) and have been able to create a live streaming template for our channel using our current resources. The test was overall successful and we were able to manage a couple of hours of audiovisual radio content. However, our current setup is not really suitable for a seamless (no-downtime) music streaming experience. For this we would have to upgrade some of our resources, including equipment (such as a reliable server or third-party service). It's a very small team so every penny and second is valuable to us. Also, it's not just us! All TWC token-holders get to decide where we take this project. Thanks for joining the journey!



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Blockchain-powered Record Label Source, repository, supplier, and distributor of rising new waves of sounds, frequencies, and music. The Wave Cache is a creative collective, record label, publisher, radio station, music channel, and showcase of talent. Support the Next Wave. Fund the Art. Inspire the Music. Coin holders will directly support The Wave Cache's music and artists, access prioritized communication spaces to chat with us, receive rewards such as discounts on our growing list of services, and earn a variety of member benefits and privileges. Artist and musician coin holders will receive priority through our music/art submission process. We will be continuously looking for new ways to benefit this special community by providing VIP services and exclusive products to those who support us. The Wave Cache token (TWC) is a digital currency which's sole purposes are to access our supporter membership along with its benefits, purchase services and products we offer, and tip or support us and our artists/music.

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05 Mar 2021
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Latest News
12:09:58 01 Sep, 2021

Please check out the "Voting" tab to help direct where we take the project.

23:07:39 28 Jul, 2021

All of our coin holders will be able to submit music and art to us through this form: All of these submissions are prioritized. Thanks for your support. Let's share your art and music!

16:03:00 30 Mar, 2021

Hey guys! We're giving away 10 TWC coins to everyone who is interested in our mission! This is in addition to the airdrop!