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TradeX token is created for projects which are built on blockchain technologies having real-life utility. TradeX token takes away the fear of your data being stolen, your identity being sold, or your credit card being charged without your authorization. TradeX token gives you the opportunity to have your own cryptocurrency. Through the electronic commerce of TRADING and playing, you can generate thousands of dollars in digital gold called Cryptocurrency and thus evolve in your financial freedom. TradeX token is a new Multi Utility token that is used for any project for monetization and loyalty awards. TradeX Token gives you the opportunity to have your own cryptocurrency. You can pay directly from your Wallet to E-Commerce and Brick & Mortar Vendors. The platform is created to offer an opportunity for individuals to have their own cryptocurrency. Highlight- Currently our platform on Esports tournament organizing platform is ready and live at

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15 Mar 2023
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- year(s)
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