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Custom cryptocurrencies are for everyone.

Jul 23, 2020

It's pretty easy to get immersed into the idea of a changing world where new technologies aren’t considered “new” anymore but more like a “usual” thing. But in fact, we cannot participate fully in them if we don’t understand the contrast that exists. For example, if we don’t take into account how the world was before the invention of the computer we might think that computers are just not as great, the same way that we would think that airplanes aren’t big deal because we have no idea of how the world looked like when people couldn’t fly. Just like that, with blockchain, we can’t say that we are part of it until we really link ourselves with the technology and recognize the contrast between the today in which custom cryptocurrencies are possible and the past in which having your own digital money was just a dream.

Get on to the new tech.

At this moment, the biggest ride-hailing company in the world is Uber. The biggest in-home vacation rental and the online marketplace is Airbnb. Just as one of the biggest banks is PayPal surviving without physical branches. Amazon as a multinational e-commerce platform that doesn’t have any storage warehouse and Skype and Zoom connecting people through international calls and video.

We live in a digital world, the great tendencies will change our reality even more than they have till this point: genetics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, robotics, the big data, predictive analysis, 3D printing, and social media. We could think that these extraordinary changes are still far away from being part of the day-to-day living but they are actually happening right now and they will define the future.

There are already about 1000 products and useful gadgets that can be printed in 3D, from guns to medical implants, house tools, and 3d banners. In highly technological countries like Japan, having a machine do all the process of selling, and serving is already normal. Even for biotechnology in the business of prosthetics, where there was a point in which experts thought that prosthetics were making the athletes run faster than others.

Customized cryptocurrencies.

The world of crypto is growing bigger and it didn’t just die there in the mining laboratories. There is so much more and the possibilities continue to transform. Now, it's not only possible to have crypto that you mined or brought but you can also make digital coins, customized for yourself.

“Custom cryptocurrencies are as simple as digital money that it’s made for a purpose, meaning that you create it behind a project or to represent you”.

I remember once going to the bank, I needed a new card because the one I had was damaged. I had to wait more than I expected, sign in some papers and in the end they told me that at the moment they wouldn’t be able to give me another card and I would have to wait till tomorrow, I came back home and that really put me out of the mood, but it wasn’t until the next day when they again told me that they wouldn’t be able to give me a card that I understood I needed to start looking for another alternative. I started reading about cryptocurrencies which I used to find difficult, but I finally stopped (and understood, saw clearly, so to speak) right at the definition of what a token is: a token is some kind of title that grants you value, like an enhanced type of coupon that you get in exchange for a service, or a product, only that it is not just a coupon but it actually is a new version, perhaps a wider one of such an instrument. Tokens are built through Smart Contracts; which allows them to join multiple frameworks given the nature of the technology under which they are built. They are smart because nobody has to call anybody; once terms fit for all parties, the contract just works out. So in even simpler words, a token can be, depending on its type, your ticket to get in the stock market, or your bonus coupon for something; anything, but they also are in simple words: Your own money.

When it comes to customizing crypto or simpler putter: tokenizing, there are thousands of tokens: for saving money, for investment, to get special service, or to simply purchase, and they are also tokens for mutual support. If you need support for your kids you can use digital tokens, if you want to improve communication with your clients use digital coins the options are multiple. Which is the reason behind token creation and customization at, In no more than three or four steps, you can create your own token, back it up with a service you provide and trade with it. A fair exchange of services using our own customized coins: no banks, no cards; our own money.

Mary Schwartz