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The 1000x token has been the first token how has been deployed on the MintMe blockchain with mintme.com platform and has been created on 23 May 2020. There are the following services where you can use or earn the 1000x token. The https://www.1000x.ch/swap, where you can exchange your 1000x token in to 23 other tokens. The https://www.dogswap.online/, where you can exchange the 1000x token in to BONE, PMINT, DOGSWAP or into other tokens. The https://mypeppermint.me/swap, where you can exchange the 1000x token in to MintMe, PMINT or PUSD. The https://mypeppermint.me/pools, where you can provide liquidity to the exchange and earn some percentage of their exchange fee. The https://photonswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x7b535379bBAfD9cD12b35D91aDdAbF617Df902B2, where you can exchange the 1000x token into other tokens. The goal of this token is to have something valuable that can be given to other people or exchanged for other goods. You can find more information on the https://www.1000x.ch/

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23 May 2020
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50 año(s)
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1 242 096.6210
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763 811.0942
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8 757 903.3789
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13:04:33 14 Apr, 2024

New Reward Pools on DogSwap you're now able to add liquidity to the pools 1000x / MintMe, 1000x / $BONE and 1000x / DogSwap and add the resulting LP tokens to a Reward Pool. For doing so, you will slowly earn $BONE tokens, which you can to exchange for 1000x or any other token. Links to the pages: https://dogswap.online/pools https://dogswap.online/liquidity

10:10:02 29 Oct, 2023

I would like to reward projects that advances the MintMe ecosystem, like for example swaps, faucets, games and co. Bonus points if there is a use case for 1000x. In order to participate, please post below what your project is, how to use it and how it advances the MintMe ecosystem. You have time until the end of this year to submit your project. Rewards: 1# 20 1000x 2# 10 1000x 3# 5 1000x I will tip the winning projects directly over the tip function on the january 6. Kind regards, Musdasch

14:10:10 21 Oct, 2023

Thanks to all how use the 1000x Token and stayed with the project over the time. Naturally, I'm curious how you use the 1000x token. So I would like to know how you use it. Do you use it to exchange different swap pages? Do you put the coin in some liquidity pools, in order to make more of it? Do you use it as a store of value? Or do you use it just for fun? I'm glad to hear from everybody, and thanks for your trust. Best, Musdasch