5 essential tips for promoting your token on social media

Oct 17, 2021
social media tokens .png

           After you create a token, comes one of the trickiest parts of the journey: promoting. Social media has certainly made things easier for us with incredible possibilities, features, and exposure to the global public. However, we must know how to make the most of this, and that is why this time we have brought you 5 essential tips to help you promote your token on social networks.

1 Create a hashtag for your brand

          Having a brand identity means giving your customers and followers an image, phrase, motif, or feelings with which they can identify. This process of establishing a brand image can start with something as simple and powerful as creating a hashtag.

Create a hashtag for your token or a hashtag about the new product you just launched through your token. This way your followers will be able to find it easily and it is also a way to categorize your brand among the amount of information being shared on social media.

Remember, generic hashtags are different from your brand hashtags because they must be related to something that identifies you and your project. For example, you could create a hashtag with the name of your token, or with a specific value of your project that can show your audience who you are and what you do or the purpose behind the creation of your cryptocurrency.

2 Interact with influencers in your niche

          This is a very important tip because you must know that even though social media is used for advertising, it does not exist for advertising only. If your potential audience feels like they are being bombarded by promotional messages all the time, they will quickly lose interest in you, your brand, or your business, and they will not follow you on social media anymore. Under these circumstances, it will be almost impossible to get their trust back.

Even though everyone is aware that people and/or businesses want to promote themselves, most don't like direct advertising or ads. Then the best way to promote your project is to provide your followers with something worth, that will make them want to stick around. This can be achieved by involving influencers in your conversations: Influencers are people who fit within your target audience and have a large number of followers. By retweeting their tweets and tagging them in your posts you can significantly increase your reach. Make genuine comments on their feeds and share their posts with your own community.

The people who also identify with such influencers will most likely see that you also like them and they might take an interest in you. It means that your token will be exposed to a wider community through that influencer, and people will feel engaged in an indirect and softer way.

3 Create a contest

          People love free stuff. There is no better way to promote your token than to make it look like they have earned it for free. Yes, you will be losing a sale or two, but you will gain much more exposure and visibility on social media, especially on Facebook.

When you create a token at mintme.com you already have the option to share airdrops, this can be perfectly placed as a contest on Facebook in which you ask your followers to share the post, tag a friend, and comment or leave a like, for example.

Creating a contest can help you get information about your followers for example as well as knowing your demographics. You can offer your audience a discount code to enter when buying something through your token or you can even create a Landing Page for people to leave their data in exchange for a coupon.

4 Share educational material

          People need to be given a reason to follow you that is independent of the things you want to promote. It is important that your token’s promotion is linked to positive thoughts from your audience, and you can do that by giving them meaningful content and information.

Did you know that 73% of your prospects are not ready to buy at the moment of contact? People are not going to buy your products or services just because you say it is good before they have to go through a learning process in which they are convinced that you are the best option or that you are worth supporting.

Take your time to educate your followers. You already know what their frequently asked questions are, go ahead and make a video where you answer all their doubts, write in a blog, share your knowledge and build an online reputation. For example, if you provide instructional videos on a particular topic, hints, tips, links to useful resources, etc.

5 Have your blog or website.

          It might seem too obvious, but any startup or small business needs a website or blog to be present online. As a token creator, you need a place in which you can promote your business more freely since social media won’t always allow all of the information that you’d like to share. As said before, you need to educate your followers, and a blog is an excellent opportunity to connect with your current and potential clients.

There are free pages that can help you create a blog in a few steps, or you can get started with just a landing page to answer some questions. There are lots of ready-to-use templates, so the investment in money can be minor: a domain, hosting and that's it, you are ready to promote your token.

These tips are meant to help you promote your tokens more wisely and expand your business possibilities. Don’t forget to put them into practice!