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Be your own boss: Become a crypto entrepreneur

Apr 12, 2020

In life, we can choose to be one side of the coin: whether we prefer to be the side of the employee or the side of the boss, we both belong to the right balance that we need to have a healthy market and respond to our own needs in society. Yet, you probably have tasted just like most people, what it feels to be someone else employee. You may have started just like me: a young person working part-time in a bakery to go to school and pay for our maintenance, maybe you accepted being the cashier of a small pet shop since your parents decided you were all enough, until then, did you ever imagine living a life in which you can live on your own terms? Did you stop to think about how it would feel like to have the freedom to choose how you spend your time and the projects on which you work, even how you spend your own money?

It is possible! The 2020 generation has grown more equal thanks to the opportunities the digital marketing and online platforms have brought, alongside innovative technologies like the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies. It’s time you start thinking about being your own entrepreneur and put into perspective your life and the possibilities you have ahead of you.

Personal Satisfaction

First of all, whenever you are about to make a choice, you have to take into account the “person” what this would mean for your happiness and your emotional accomplishment. When you become your own boss and are able to decide your future and the way you spend your income, There’s great satisfaction in being able to act based on your personal desires, and just do it, when you are able to take the risk, and spend the money the way you choose to. Not having to make the same monotonous tasks every day, but with more spontaneity allowing you to feel much more excitement and enthusiasm. Having confidence and higher overall morale due to financial independence.

Personal satisfaction also comes through the realization of feeling secure about owning something. Knowing that this is your job and none is gonna take it from you or fire you. Even though there may be other implications in it, and every position has its risks, pros, and cons, We often talk about owning the job as a key to job satisfaction. Many people have discovered through entrepreneurship that they work with less stress and much better when they are the ones directing the operations and leading. Also, you have a more general sense of fullness since the success of your employees is also yours and your company’s.

Also, even if you don’t feel secure knowing the risks it has to start a new business, you can be reassured knowing that during your journey as a budding businessman you'll learn invaluable lessons about accounting, micro-management, what the consumer thinks and wants, how to increase productivity, conducting professional correspondence, digital marketing and all of its branches, and countless other topics related to business management. All of this knowledge will prove to be useful regardless of whether you have to start working for another company again or continue trying to look forward to a more steady future. If you are patient, persistent and resourceful, you can improve your odds of building a successful business tailored to your personal needs and passions and be truly successful.

Can’t let go this part also without mentioning that those who make their own businesses can contribute more towards their retirement plans each year, giving them more opportunities to generate the type of money needed to fund early retirement, with security and real hope.

Flexibility, make your own schedule.

Being your own boss can be a liberating and exciting experience. Even though this will always depend on the kind of personality you have and your personal expectations. If you are self-motivated and reasonably comfortable taking risks, then starting your own business can be a way to express yourself creatively, manage your time to your own advantage and even make money, also if you feel comfortable with taking more hours sometimes or managing different tasks at the same time.

Yet, one of the most marvelous feeling of being your own boss is that when you eliminate the old-fashioned need to warm a chair for specific hours. It is a very appealing type of control: an entrepreneur has is the ability to choose when they want to work. That’s right, you can make your own schedule and work from the place where you want to work. While serving the needs of your clients you are still not subject to certain hours and a monthly salary.

Changing locations can also be very exciting, with today’s technological advancements, it’s possible to work from nearly anywhere, maybe you will be sitting on your desk today, but tomorrow you could be answering to emails and important calls from an airplane while planing your stance in a nice room with a view to the sea or just at a coffee shop having your favorite hot drink. Always keeping in mind that balancing work and life is an essential aspect of succeeding as a business owner.

You can be creative.

From my point of view, this is one of the first reasons why people feel the more uncomfortable being an employee. Maybe you have many ideas and you feel none hears you and you are being limited in your creativity. When you start a company and become your own boss, you are finally the one to make vital decisions about which products and services you want to offer to your customers, what kind of creation you want to dedicate more time to, support your own initiatives and decide when it’s time to deliver them.

By being able to choose your creative approach you are also able to review your decisions, while watching how your company evolves, taking into account what your customers prefer or if your initial choices simply do not interest you any longer and you’d like to take a different approach.

About 80% of our lives are spent working. This means that we cannot take this lightly, wouldn’t you want to make something that can give you money at the same time that it gives you satisfaction, motivating you and giving you some fun? Because, why shouldn’t you have fun, right? If you hate your job, your negativity will spill into your personal life, making you feel tired and unmotivated. By any means, it’s better to make life into the kind of life that makes us happier instead of wasting our time doing things that we hate.

"Be an entrepreneur and get paid to do something that you actually enjoy. "

Help others out.

This is one of the motos behind MinMe, mutual support, and egalitarianism. There is no greater accomplishment than being able to support others. If you become an entrepreneur and create a small business, you will create the need for new jobs and vacancy, as a result, you’ll help others pay their bills, feed their families and make a decent living by employing them to work alongside you. Your business then will earn a different kind of value than just money, is the value of people that work to be better and make society better.

You earn what you earn.

Although business owners are certainly vulnerable to financial losses and there is always a fair amount of risks, entrepreneurs are also capable of earning virtually unlimited incomes. Since your income can change with the time and the improvement of your sails, you may end up receiving a greater revenue the longest your work, you don’t need to wait for a pay rise once a year or any kind of promotion. Unlike a conventional job where you know precisely how much you will make relative to the time you put in. This reality can be exceedingly increased by using blockchain technology or tokenizing our projects at since we will have control over our money completely, without having to pay anyone else to keep track of it and each transaction or paying fees to a third party.

MintMe platform supports the idea of new entrepreneurs who want to experience the amazing adventure of being their own bosses, becoming crypto entrepreneurs and offering solutions through their innovative ideas creating tokens. People who want to be able to work from home and direct operations from all over the world with faster and secure money transactions, knowing their clients and making trustful interactions with significative business partners. Deciding to work in the kind of business you choose with no limitations at all, expanding your creativity and possibilities of growth.

Mary Schwartz