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Creative tokens from creative people

Mar 28, 2020

"...creativity is what makes you be different from anyone else”.

Token creation is for everyone, and it is like that thanks to the blockchain which has the amazing characteristic of being egalitarian offering the same opportunities to everyone. MintMe is the place where tokens can be created easily, fast and from zero. But mintMe tokens can’t be left there as we would let behind a drawing we made when we where kids, they should go alongside the continuous work we do towards our dreams.

Despite what some people may think, tokens aren’t what is valuable per se, tokens are the tools, what represents a really valuable thing. The creation, project, or the original idea and initiative someone has. In other words, tokens are the fruit of your creativity and the result of your artistic, logical or emotional creation. Because creativity is what makes you be different from anyone else.

What it means to be creative

I believe that for a lot of us, as we grow older, we start to forget about the importance of creativity, we even forget how to use it, or for what. On the contrary, to be creative is something usual for children, they naturally display their ideas and concepts of life with freedom, which is a healthy sign since being creative provides opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and solving problems in life. It provides children with uniqueness and diversity, and It encourages them to express themselves openly and without judgment.

Yet, we can’t forget that no matter how old we are, creativity is a form of self-expression of feelings and experiences. When we learn to be creative we will have more and better-organized ideas towards a unique plan. Creativity frees the mind in a way that enables a person to absorb knowledge more easily. It makes processing learning more efficient. Creativity also enables alternative ways of thinking, which means that our mind grows and our perceptions of life and what is around us also become wider, unblocking old patterns or habits of thinking. It allows for non-linear thinking.

Being creative also will help you find better and more costumers and clients. Since you will be able to move in different niches, starting from being connected to yourself and then the others. It opens our hearts so we can be able, to be honest, and genuine, which is attractive to the people.

Creative tokens

Then the idea is not to create a token only to save it there but to actually back it up with our creativity. By doing that we are not only opening new doors to receive more followers and support but we are actually allowing recognition of uniqueness and identity. Having creative tokens can help us draw out what is already there within us, the hidden talents and inner capacities that we have can emerge.

The idea is that you can feel connected to your passions through your token and that the other people can feel the same that you feel. To create a sense of participation and a sense of togetherness, creating a strong community that supports you not only once but the whole time and during all of your career.

Digital coins or better said: creative tokens also mean, as I said before, that there are no limitations to what a token can represent, it could be a book you wrote, or a project to visit the space, rear finds of fossils, minerals and anthropological material or even a blockchain project, music arrangements to your own new original artistic creation. Because you can build intercultural connections and also teach people new things through the popularization of your tokens. Because of a token, you get to have your own voice and share it freely in your own rhythm to the people you want without any pressures.

Furthermore creative tokens allow exploration and communication beyond the limitation of words. You can reach people that you didn’t imagine before, breaking the walls of the world and the boundaries that separated you from the worldwide community.

By Mary Schwartz