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Blockchain base donations: the power of giving through tokens

Feb 28, 2021

           We are all looking for something in life, searching for the ultimate happiness. But being happy requires that we also practice kindness in life, and one of the many ways to show kindness is by giving. Now, when we talk about blockchain-based donations we are not only talking about mare service but we are also talking about growing in value and allowing ourselves to become prosperous token traders in the near future.

Everything you can do to others it’s better to do it whenever the chance is given because each opportunity to serve is unique and although other similar ones are presented at any time, none is identical, because the service that is done to each person, has a different satisfaction for each person and for ourselves.

To do service is not synonymous with just giving away things, neither to do everything for others, each one is responsible for his tasks. But service is help, support, and giving a helping hand. New technologies also have helped us understand better how mutual support works and how it is possible to give while receiving something back. Of course, this is a totally new concept that cryptocurrencies and token trading brought to us. The possibilities of making a direct donation or purchase and allowing ourselves to give support while receiving back the possibilities of growing in value. How?

Blockchain-based donations

           At the development revolves around two important things: Personal monetization, and mutual support. Both, giving the chance for people to monetize themselves by building up their own payment-support system through the creation of tokens and custom cryptocurrencies, but also giving people the chance to become supporters for one another through what we call blockchain-based crowdfunding.

“Especially when we talk about giving through tokens, the possibilities can grow, as people create their own cryptocurrencies for a purpose.”

Blockchain crowdfunding in this situation is not only another crowdfunding method in which people give their money away but it is an ecosystem in which people can give on their own terms and also become holders of a token that could regain value. Actually, we are lead to strive for new paths in which antic social-support systems are not on vogue anymore. Not willing to sound propagandistic, if you could give your support to a project that you really like and you happen to get monetize when such project is successful, wouldn't that be higher motivation for giving?.

Why giving with crypto?

           Countries in crisis are always the best example to talk about the great advantages of giving with crypto. Because they show us that in the very darkness there is a system that can answer more acutely the people's needs. As it is the case of many such as Venezuela, having a tyrannic government not only makes it difficult for people to live in good conditions but also prevents them from making their own choices and receiving support such as humanitarian aid.

Being able to donate to a good cause through the use of tokens is more than just “another way” it also has become the very best alternative for the people who cannot participate freely in their own countries' banking system. People who get paid with their own tokens in critical countries are people that can support a wider market than they even imagine: global recognition and money security through the blockchain. Especially when we talk about giving through tokens, the possibilities can grow, as people create their own cryptocurrencies for a purpose.

Let’s become true leaders: Embrace custom cryptocurrencies

           Custom cryptocurrencies in other words can bring people to another level of what it means to support other people and to serve. Why? Because true leaders do not act only according to a hierarchy and a gift of command, but strive for the welfare of their people and provide them with the best conditions at hand. You may have an award ticket that says you are the leader and therefore you will succeed in life, but if you do not help those around you who depend on you to get their ticket to success, you may lose yours. Being helpful is part of that leadership, what you do for the rest will also affect or benefit you, because if you are a leader is because you work as a team, you consider everyone as part of the group and you are at the service of the team, not just in command.

We know that putting into practice new technologies is difficult and that not many people get to trust in it right away, but just like everything, what gives MintMe and the creation of tokens real importance is that giving can be fulfilling and that giving can also help us receive a profit. What do you say of a system that supports personal monetization as well as mutual support?

Mary Schwartz