Checklist II: How to make money through token making

Aug 29, 2021
making money second part .png

           Aa a continuation to our latest post, we wanted to gather other important points to achieve in order to make money through token making:

Back up your token

          The price of a token is defined by supply and demand. In simple words, the more someone wants your token the more expensive it gets. The best way to make someone want your token is to back it up with your projects ideas and benefits. Knowing that tokens at mintme aren’t securities, we encourage our creators to back up their tokens with the kinds of gifts that aren’t a company's share or stock.

Those gifts aren’t subjects of promises or legally bound but they can easily be given to supporters though digital networks. You can offer a song, a design, a digital service of any kind, the opportunity to become VIP participants of your project’ events, the chance to become a test player for a game you created or be the firsts to receive a digital copy of your ebook.

Connect your token with the development of your projects

          Tokens can be a representation of goods and services you offer, and because they are in the blockchain secured with a contract (after deployment), they can become the most secure asset to connect you with a community. Imagine you are setting up an online performance, game streaming or interview, your tokens can be used as the tickets to ensure the participation of your followers.

Connecting your tokens with the development of your project is the perfect way to invite people to buy in different stages, for example, setting up a first release to support your Q1, waiting for the tokens to run out on people’s speculations, then releasing a second batch for your Q2. Since your tokens are directly related to your development, that ensures the prices won’t fall and people will want to hold expecting your success.

Connect your token to your website

          When you start any project in modern times the first thing you have to make sure to have is presence online. Your website serves different purposes: give your project an image/ brand, show your clients and followers what you offer, help you convince investors that you count on a high level development, help you acquire analytics about your clients and visitors, and it becomes part of your token ecosystem.

Projecting your token through your website can help your ecosystem grow stronger in credibility. Take the chance to embed your airdrops widget on your site and invite people to join or create a button to allow people to buy from you using crypto. Also the javascript miner of CoinIMP can allow you to mine MINTME coins while your visitors surf your website. On the other hand is a hosting option designed especially for crypto projects. You can pay for hosting services using the coins you have, reducing the cost of paying for the service.

Create proposals using the voting system

          The new voting system at MintMe is more than just a new feature to communicate changes or know what the people want. Being able to vote is what generates in people a sense or petenence, engagement with your product or situation. It is proven that people love to support ideas that they elaborated, through communitary efforts.

Overall, getting to know what people like or want will give you perspective to make the right choices and grow up your value on the market. Backing up your tokens with most desirable services, and working towards what the market in your niche is truly demanding without wasting time and money.

Mary Schwartz