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Create a coin: tokenization for micro influencers

Jul 4, 2020

The world of social media has changed everything, the way we sell and buy, how we promote things and make publicity, it has changed what we want and it also has a huge influence on what we believe of a brand or a product. The success of a company depends greatly on the success they have in the social media market: because if someone does well on social media means that they are accepted by people. But there are two things that now can converge together to ease up this process and to also provide sustainability to the market of the “persona”. First the popularization of the micro-influencers and second the utility of blockchain technology as means of coin and token creation to provide people of more freedom to act on their own.

People take the lead in mayor decisions

Opinions matter. Maybe you think that this is how it has always been but the truth is that before the massive usage of social media the publicity made by the big companies looked forward to convincing people to use something that they didn’t really need, not only because they wouldn’t listen to the public but because the public wasn’t powerful enough to give their opinion and tell when something was good or bad. Now, the good opinion of the public about a product or service in social media can make the difference to whether someone buys it or not. And the persona can also be more open about their needs, to allow companies to pursue the right clients and provide solutions.

“Micro influencers are good to represent a brand because they have charisma and people trust them and care about their judgement, the community have them as references for their purchases. ”.

It’s sort of like what happens whiting the blockchain, every person participates in giving and receiving information to form blocks which can be translated into people's majority of opinions about a specific subject. Also, a person goes to the source and to check other peoples opinions first before making a decision himself.

Every time we trust more in the opinion of a friend, a person we know, and someone who knows about a subject better than us, so we naturally want to bring them to the online world so they can influence us the right way and make sure we make the best choices. Celebrities, comedians, models, gamers, musicians, artists can all become micro-influencers to be the guides of the social media market.

Micro influencers and coin creation

Before talking about how creating a coin can be useful for social media marketing we need to talk about what it means to be a micro-influencer. The micro-influencers are those people with social media profiles of 5.000 and 100.000 followers. Yet, the big difference or contrast with the macro-influencers is that micro-influencers have smaller communities, which tend to be more genuine and centered, they have followers that are interested in a specific subject and that are more faithful and closer. For example, a Fashion micro-influencer could have 6.000 followers that are followers because they care about fashion specifically, meaning that if this influencer sells fashion products to their followers the acceptance would be higher than talking to a bigger community with many different interests.

“Being able to sell a product and earn through your own coin is a very rightful move any influencer could make thank to platforms like mintme.”.

Micro influencers are good to represent a brand because they have charisma and people trust them and care about their judgment, the community has them as references for their purchases. So, if a micro-influencer talks well about a brand, that could create popular acceptance and bring great benefits to the company involved. Furthermore at a lower price than those with many more followers or macro-influencers.

But then what coin creation has to do with that? well, token creation can make a difference because micro-influencers usually become the face of other brands they like and follow themselves, but most of the time (as it is how its normally done) brands and big companies get the best out of it when the micro influencers only receive a small remuneration. It is even a very competitive area since it seems that “having followers” doesn’t make money by itself so, why should I pay much for it?

Coin creation means more freedom

If a micro-influencers creates a coin he is giving himself the opportunity to earn more on the job he has done to take care of his community and produce significant content to engage with them. Being able to sell a product and earn through your own coin is a very rightful move any influencer could make thanks to platforms like mintme.

It also means that influencers have the opportunity to sell their own products with their own payment system, at the same time that they can allow their fans to earn and be part of promotions and special gifts they can offer through their coins. For example, if you are a Celebrity micro-influencer and you create a crypto coin, you can ask people to buy from you using tokens while you charge your tokens with something meaningful your community would like to engage more with them and convince them of buying from you. In many ways, crypto coins will give you more freedom to set the rules and take advantage of your popularity for good.

Create a coin today, at, because why not? token creation is for everyone

Mary Schwartz