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Cryptocurrencies and real estate investments

Jul 14, 2022

           We know we are in a difficult time, the price does not end up settling on the upside and confidence in many seems to be collapsing. Perhaps some are going through a crisis or first major crisis and can't see beyond how intangible investments can become tangible, producing goods and services that support our confidence and investment.

That is why today I will talk about how crypto and real estate investments are diversifying (a big opportunity that is just at the beginning). Yes, just as it sounds, investing in real estate through cryptocurrencies is just one of the many ways of how to back and take care of our investments. And the fact is that there have already been the first home purchases through cryptocurrencies and the many benefits this brings are still unknown.

We know that for an investment in real estate we must go through several administrative, financial, and banking procedures. Now, imagine acquiring real estate with just a few steps and almost immediately, through the Blockchain, giving confidence and support to your investment, in a safe way, since your fingerprint and that of the seller are unique and indivisible and with the safest cryptographic support in the world.

This is precisely what has already happened in Europe and the United States, many web portals dedicated to the real estate process through NFT, tokens and cryptocurrencies that verify users and their properties around the world, giving confidence to the seller and the buyer. Once the process is done, it is registered through this real estate portal (who does the corresponding diligence) the property to the new buyer, so simple and without the need for face-to-face signatures and protocols, all through the Blockchain.

Is this limited only domestically in one country, only Europe or the USA? Well, no, in both cases. There have already been purchases between owners in distant countries, for example, this year a German buyer purchased a property in Seville, Spain. All legal and with property in hand, through Blockchain verification between the two and through the medium that publishes said property. In the United States, a country that has one of the largest masses of crypto users, purchases have already been made throughout the world. Even countries from central and south America such as Argentina or Mexico, have already adopted this modality and real estate acquisitions have taken place. So the popularity of being able to acquire real estate that for many is a guarantee of future and support for themselves and their loved ones is increasing.

What are the risks involved in such an investment? As any investment carries its risks, that is why the recommendation (we are not a financial recommendation) is to study those who offer this service, their whitepaper, their time in the market and their scope. Similarly, prices (and more now) are subject to volatility and for now these remain low, which limits the supply of real estate as investors expect better prices.

Take the time to make the necessary study and research, so that when the time comes to buy or sell, you can make the best decisions and take advantage of the benefits offered.

Remember, this is just the beginning, but you can already have an idea of where we are going.

Irving Arrieta