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Custom cryptocurrencies: Genre inclusion and women's empowerment

Sep 21, 2020

           Early starting this year CoinMarketCap (CMC), published its report for the first quarter of 2020 (which is cataloged as a "dark quarter", due to the impact that the crypto market received from the coronavirus), in which it reveals that women are showing great interest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The study highlights the growth of 43.24% of the users in relation to the previous quarter. In the top of the countries with the highest assimilation of cryptocurrencies, it was Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela, Latin American countries that are not known to have the best economies, yet they have found functional alternatives in the crypto market. But most noticeably of all the data reports is that there was a huge growth in the attraction of women to cryptocurrencies in general.

Just the way blockchain tech provides liberties to the market and entrusts transactions, the genre equality can also be affected positively, by empowering women with authorship and security over their assets and personal/individual economy.

Women and the crypto industry

          We should start talking about the problems that prevent equal opportunities for men and women. Even though it has been fought and it is becoming less and less common, women continue to face discrimination and lack of opportunities to be independent all over the world. This is something that cryptocurrencies can address, among other things.

A study by LocalBitcoins measured the percentage of women's participation in the purchase and sale of crypto-money, revealing that, although there is still a long way to go, the inclusion of women in the sector has increased considerably. Once again the wall that separated women and men in terms of wealth is crumbling and people are walking through a new sense of equality, not only for men and women but in social and racial aspects.

“Women continue to face discrimination and lack of opportunities to be independent all over the world. This is something that cryptocurrencies can address”

More than 50% increase in cryptocurrencies’ use is among women in America as well as Europe. The women searching for this option as increased. One out of five buyers of crypto coins in the European market is a woman, according to the report made by Bitpanda. It means that the crypto industry as well as the industry in general is starting to be somehow pursued by women more than before, which has to do with the mindset changes we have had over the last few years in genre equality propaganda.

Custom cryptocurrencies

          Typical cryptocurrency owners are male because it’s also related to the sector who is more interested in business and technology and have technical knowledge. Men also tend to achieve higher financial incomes and are strongly inclined towards gambling and risk-taking. But not everything about the crypto-industry is buying and selling bitcoin or investing in multiple altcoins, there is also an innovative sector of the crypto-world that we call custom cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-market seekers pursue novelty, are broad-minded and have a strong sense of economic empowerment, and this is just what defines the meaning behind creating our own digital coins and have the chance to issue our money becoming the true author behind our personal projects.

It seems that for example, bitcoin conversations tend to focus on a predominantly male investor audience, even though 43% of respondents who expressed interest in Bitcoin were female in the Grayscale Investments’ original report Bitcoin: 2019 Investor Study. A further 80% were intrigued by Bitcoin’s growth potential and a majority of 93% indicated that they would be more open to the asset class if additional educational resources were available to them.

“Women's liberation is an agenda item that must be addressed urgently. Cryptocurrencies can be of great help”

           Custom cryptocurrencies and tokenization are the answer to the need of inclusion because their creation is promoted openly to the general public and its market is established under the assumption that anyone, from any place, any race, religion, or gender can become a token creator and get started on their own travel towards personal and economic growth.

All over the world, women face challenges in having their rights recognized. Whether it is the disparity in wages in western countries or the more inhumane repression they are subjected to in African and Middle Eastern countries. Women's liberation is an agenda item that must be addressed urgently. Cryptocurrencies can be of great help as they address social and economic issues. Custom cryptocurrencies as a means of promoting women's empowerment is also a purpose behind token creation at by providing women around the world with an avenue of income, either as token traders or as experts in a growing sector such as Blockchain technology.

Mary Schwartz