Get started with bounty programs in MintMe 2.0

Nov 28, 2021
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           Video games were the initial driver for rewards in the digital world since the developers offered a prize or reward to their players for their contribution and participation in the progress and development of the project. Rewards or bounty programs are essentially compensation mechanisms offered by companies or individuals. Generally, a company introduces a product or service to customers and followers in exchange for performing certain tasks, most commonly related to promotions or marketing.

It is something similar to barter. Through rewards, the person can receive something in exchange for simple tasks for the company or individual who initiates the reward campaign.

In the cryptocurrency scene, rewards have become a useful part of any ICO campaign. And that's where crypto followers have most likely heard of bounties, but bounties aren't just for ICO campaigns. Many startups typically incorporate a bounty program within their marketing plan, and they may offer rewards in the form of exclusive products, or services, as expected in MintMe’s next version 2.0.

What kind of tasks can be performed in a bounty program?

          The tasks performed generally revolve around marketing. Since these are usually done in the initial stages of a project, people are expected to participate and benefit the company with word of mouth, and increase trust to move up to the next level.

Again, while the reward usually takes the form of tokens or cryptocurrencies, or fiat money (this option is rare), it is not the only alternative for rewarding bounty hunters.

Here are some of the most common activities in bounty programs.

Social media

          One of the main forms of bounty tasks is the creation of content for social media. Rewards in this case could be earned based on the level of engagement generated on each post, the number of likes, shares or comments, and views.

This category could include YouTubers, influencers, or administrators of popular pages on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and other networks.

Article writing

          Another very common type of activity is the creation of articles. Generally, these types of activities are aimed at people with some experience in blogging or copywriting skills, SEO-optimized articles, or website creators with high levels of traffic.

The articles can also vary, perhaps it can be a piece of content for publicity or news releases, as well as helping in the creation of documentation for the project.


          For the crypto world, in particular, bounty activities can also include the creation of reports on errors, bugs, ethical hacks to discover security flaws, or even reports for the improvement of aspects within a blockchain platform, the usefulness of a coin, or ideas about its use and possibilities.

For this also it is common to have certain requirements for participation, considering that not everyone has the same set of skills or experience in subjects such as cyber security or blockchain development. This is why usually bounty hunters apply for such activities and have to wait to be accepted before they start performing the tasks.


          This involves the translation of various documentation. It could be any document or text related to the project such as website translation, content for networks, a whitepaper, a thread on Bitcointalk, or tutorials for youtube videos and others. It could also include the moderation of forums or groups on discord and telegram for people who speak a different language than the original language of the project. It is the perfect program to open the doors to people from all over the world, native speakers of languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, and German, etc.

Reward programs, without a doubt, represent the most practical, economical, and effective alternative to bring startups to the public view. It includes different types of tasks that do not necessarily require technical preparation, but rather skills in translation, writing, or knowledge in cryptocurrency. This, in turn, influences the number of benefits for the project, as it is not only limited to advertising campaigns but also allows correcting typical mistakes at the beginning of a project.

“Bounty programs, without a doubt, represent the most practical, economical, and effective alternative to bring startups to the public view. ”

Through bounty programs, token creators are given a new marketing strategy, which not only provides benefits to them but also to those people who collaborate performing the mentioned tasks. It is a strong method to increase the level of interaction between a token creator and his community.

In MintMe 2.0 creating a token will also include the possibility of creating bounty programs inside the token page and allowing others to apply for it. Creators will be able to set their own rules and accept the applicants according to their own desire. Also select the number of participants they will allow and describe the kind of reward they want to give, which can go from tokens to other products and services.