I Tips: How can I encourage my followers to buy my token?

Nov 8, 2021
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           Creating a token is now incredibly easy. In the beginning, it was necessary to have programming knowledge to do it, but now thanks to platforms such as MintMe it is extremely easy to enter the world of token creation just by following a few steps.

Now, although the creation of tokens is simple, the task of every creator is really to grow their token, promote it, and mobilize their communities to buy it, but this is always the hardest part. To make your followers buy your token, this time we want to share with you a couple of practical tips that you can use in your marketing campaign to increase your popularity.

Know your target market

           Even though the tokens you create may have multiple utilities, or even if you use them for the purpose of setting up a crowdfunding campaign, the people you target in your marketing efforts may define your success.

How well do you know your community? For example, if the project linked to your token has to do with a service/sale of original digital designs, you should ask yourself what type of person would be interested so you can create a consumer profile that works for you. Maybe they are startups looking for a brand identity, or artists who are just starting their career, or an online store that requires modifications to their website design. Avoid pursuing customers who clearly wouldn't be interested in your services so that you save time and focus your efforts on potential customers who will buy your tokens.

“...the people you target in your marketing efforts may define your success.”

If you are creating a crowdfunding campaign, those who can show interest in helping you will be those who identify more closely with your project or ideas. If you want to raise funds for your charitable activities for the benefit of animals, then your best supporters will be the communities of animal lovers, vegetarians, veterinarians, farm lovers, etc. And if you want to launch an innovative project in the area of blockchain technology then make sure to reach out to the crypto community through social channels and thematic groups to let them know about you.

Position your token organically on the internet

           As with any product you intend to sell online, the work doesn't end once you have the product and publish it on a website. This is just the beginning. No matter what project is behind your token, if it doesn't exist on the internet organically, it will be more difficult for your prospects to find it. The idea is to make the job much easier and faster for them.

To make your online presence organic, it is necessary that Digital Marketing and SEO come into play: two essential disciplines to increase the trade of your tokens. Because they can increase the visibility of your tokens online through your website, your social networks, guest posts, backlinks, mentions, and more.

These are the tools that unify your efforts to be in sync with your own marketing plan, and allow you to get analytics on your performance and do better. Add your airdrops campaign widget on your website, use keywords that identify your token, write content related to your project and accompany it with calls to action with a link to your token’s profile.

Support your sale with content descriptions

           For people to want to buy, they have to be convinced that they really want what you offer, and you can do this by creating descriptions or descriptions about your services. If you write descriptions of about 300 words, your Google ranking will also be more optimized.

Poor descriptions make your token look less relevant and detract from your commitment as a creator. Both for your community and for potential investors something like this generates less trust. Try to provide all available information about your token's project, specifications of all kinds, technical specifications, images, videos, etc.

Establish communication channels with your community

           Before and also after the purchase, something that determines the continued success of your sales is the way you communicate with your buyers/followers. Sometimes, potential buyers need to solve doubts or, simply, verify that there is someone on the other side and that it is a trustworthy project and not a scam.

Offer communication channels such as an email address, a phone number, a form, or even an online chat on your website so that those who are interested in your token can clear those doubts and want to buy. Always remain willing to respond to comments on your posts and interact with people, this way you will also create a better sense of brand and increase trust.