How to create an airdrop campaign?

1. Log into your account and click on "My Token" next to the search bar.
2. Click on the edit icon between the token’s avatar and name to open the token’s settings.
3. Click on “Airdrop campaign”, then type the amount of tokens to airdrop and the number of allowed participants.
    - The minimum value of tokens to airdrop is 0.01.
    - The minimum value of participants is 100.
    - Tokens needed for the airdrop are locked, after it ends an unused tokens will be returned.
4. Optionally you can set up a date to end an airdrop. To do this enable “End date”, then select a date and time.
    - Without the end date, airdrop will end when all the tokens are claimed.
5. Use the “Save” button to finish.
    - You can only have one active airdrop at a time.
    - Tokens can be claimed once in each airdrop campaign.
    - You can’t edit an ongoing campaign. If you wish to make changes please delete it and create a new one.