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II Tips: How can I encourage my followers to buy my token?

Nov 14, 2021

In our previous article, we discussed some tips that can help you better promote and sell the token you create. Among the points, we highlighted the need to know your target market and who your potential customers may be, so that your efforts, content creation, and incentives are successful in reaching those who may be interested in supporting you. 

On the other hand, we talk about describing in detail your project and the purpose of your token, as well as offering communication and customer support channels that allow you to have direct contact with your followers, answer their questions and help them make the final decision to make a purchase. Another important fact is organic promotion through marketing strategies and web optimization (SEO). 

In this second article we bring 3 other important tips to take into account to better sell your token: 

Plan a content sharing strategy 

People are not interested in you just because they like you. The only way to get support from others who don't even know you or what you do is to create valuable content, interesting articles, tutorials, tips, curiosities, etc. that will attract their attention and allow them to become your followers. 

If you create content to increase traffic to your website then it is a positive point to expose the sale of the token you created. To make this happen it is important that you take one thing into account: you must stop selling and worry about offering genuine solutions to people. Just selling alone will not get people to believe in you, on the other hand, human beings have a bit of a selfish nature, if you don't offer a benefit then there is not much reason why someone would turn to you. 

Also, if you offer them good content on a regular basis, they will share and viralize it, thus becoming support for your promotional campaign for free. This is the key to capturing more traffic and making yourself known, generating valuable content with a people-focused strategy. 

Insert widgets on your website

Did you know that airdrops have their own widget code for you to put on your website? Suggesting is a powerful element, if you follow the first tip you will be attracting people to your website, but if you put a widget offering a prize in a safe way it will be a catch bait hard to resist. 

A widget will be the window from your token introduction page to your website, and you can place it wherever it suits you best. By considering your web analytics you will be able to know which sites on your site are the most visited, or where your visitors click the most, so you can strategically position your advertising and invitation to purchase your token. 

Widgets accompanied by social sharing buttons are a good ally. They can increase the visibility of your products on the main social networks and benefit referral marketing: users are more likely to buy a product recommended by a friend than a brand's commercial pitch.

Encourage interaction among your users 

As we said before, people are more likely to buy something on the recommendation of a friend, and that's why it's so important that you try to encourage interaction between your users. By this, I don't mean new people who don't know you yet, but your current users and the first ones who believed in you, or even those who are interested but show resistance without opting out. 

To generate interaction you could start by opening the way to interesting topics, or perhaps ask directly about their opinion to make them say what they think and contribute ideas as well as highlighting points in favor of the token you offer and the products or services involved. 

Don't worry if not all comments are positive, you can always get something good out of what others share, and that will give you a chance to respond with valuable content and improve your services. Of course, the purpose of this is to sell, these interactions are a channel for others outside your circle of exposure to gain interest when they see others talking and giving good opinions. 

Be patient, everything takes time

Finally, you should know that on the way to selling your tokens more efficiently and boosting their trade, your best weapon is patience. It is the secret ingredient to sell online successfully, and this is true not only for token trading since results are not seen in 3 days.

It is often thought that a good project is enough to generate hundreds or thousands of dollars just starting out. While there have been cases of tokens being sold with great success in just a few weeks, this is not the rule, nor is it a perfect formula. 

To make your cryptocurrency rise, you need to work on it consistently and plan for the future. Understanding also that even now, those who dabble in tokenization are the first brave ones and this will be a market that will open its doors wider in the future.