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MintMe 2.0 and new trading pairs

Aug 11, 2022

Why are new trading pairs beneficial for our community?

          Allowing our users to create brand new trading pairs for their token with the coin of their choosing was one of the things we wanted to implement in MintMe 2.0 as a means of giving creators further ownership of the roadmap tailored to their specific project. New pairings not only might potentially boost the liquidity of your tokens, as it allows fans and followers to have more options when it comes to buying and trading, but also, lets users compare prices and it illustrates the worth of your project or idea in relation to already established cryptocurrencies.

Why do we need the support of our community to expand?

          Cryptocurrency markets move according to supply and demand, when you get into crypto trading you aren't only just an investor but an active part of the system and your actions in conjunction with others can determine the fluctuations of the market for good or bad. Supply: which is the total number of coins and the rate at which they are being issued, destroyed, or lost, and Market capitalization: (basically the first thing someone sees when entering an exchange), which is the value of all existing coins and how users perceive their performance, are some of the most important factors.

But here is another significant factor and the reason why our community is of huge importance when it comes to market expansion: Publicity and media coverage! Even though you all become an active part of the market flow only by buying and selling, the image of cryptocurrencies portrayed in the media, and how much coverage they receive can greatly affect their value. This is how Reddit users changed the future of GameStop, and we can do it too.

Market expansion in MintMe 2.0

          The world of crypto-trading is wide by nature, and we know it.

The most difficult thing for investors and traders is to interpret the best time to start a trade and decide which currency to hold or sell, but one of the best ways to allow a trader to feel safer is diversification. MintMe 2.0 will include the integration of additional market pairs for tokens with the aim of diversification.

The growth trend indicates that it’s a good time for investors to take advantage of buying and holding different currencies, and MintMe wants to make this possible by allowing token creators to add BTC, ETH, USDC, CRO, and BNB as trading pairs in the near future.

Encouraging new buyers

          In MintMe’s platform investors can select the project they want to support, but they also will have the option of holding tokens and selling them for powerful cryptocurrencies in the market. This can greatly increase the selling opportunities for token creators and encourage more people to join.

A creator can open any or all markets of their choice to work with the same standards as the MINTME pair, even if their token has not been deployed yet.

Token holders will receive a notification whenever the token creator opens a new market for his token, and be able to trade right away after activation. The new platform will also allow traders to switch tabs on the trading page to view each pair and their respective stats more easily with one click.

These and more are coming soon at version 2.0.