Promoting your personal project with the help of token creation

Aug 19, 2022

           There are many up-and-coming visionaries with great ideas about unique startups, not only related to tech but also in every sector, all with the ability to develop a successful business plan and the skills to keep a prosperous business afloat, but they seem to have a shared issue when it comes to promoting what they want to create: They struggle to share their vision with the public as a whole, communicating the true value of what they want to create.

Cryptocurrencies have been in the eye of the public in the past couple of years, becoming part of the mainstream in a lot of ways we did not expect previously. From Elon Musk boosting the price of Dogecoin simply by tweeting, to the uproar caused by NFTs in social media, crypto seems to create discussion and move the masses, creating a good or bad discourse between the public and definitely staying as a hot topic overall.

Merging both: a great idea for a new business and the staying power and marketing power cryptocurrencies seem to create in social media, can be the perfect match to kickstart your life as an entrepreneur.

Establishing a clear message about your brand new vision is a critical point in whether a product or service becomes popular or not, the masses need to understand its value and share the same enthusiasm the creator has for it to be successful. A digital coin can be the perfect conduit to share and establish that message, helping you share and promote your idea while giving it all of the marketing benefits that come with cryptocurrencies as well as the ease of use compared with the usual physical marketing campaign.

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, we often have excellent ideas for a service or product but we might struggle to try to convey this idea to the regular public or what makes it unique and sets it apart. Aside from having a decently put-together visual representation of your business idea, such as a logo, and answering important questions such as what exactly your project brings to the table within the ecosystem it is part of, you need a channel that can boost your credibility and set up your idea for success.

A unique token can not only be an outstanding way to create buzz surrounding your project and assure that your marketing endeavors succeed but also, it can boost the legitimacy of your idea, as your token would be endorsed by the other channels within the ecosystem of your business and vice versa. Having your own website as a starting point for customers to gather from each media channel your project has is also very important.

Which social media channels you develop the most should also be chosen depending on the type of product or service your business offers, the target demographic you are trying to reach with your message, and how convenient it is for you and potentially your team to manage the interactions within that medium.

It is also important to clearly state the intentions of your business when you are entering the blockchain sphere and also educate your potential customers who might not be familiar with blockchain technology, you need to go a step further than just simply talking about how great your idea is, but help people understand how it works and what are the benefits it gets from being directly related to crypto.

Giving away freebies

          Airdrops are a very popular marketing method within the crypto world, and it is used to promote trading and entice the public to be a part of a new project. Giving away something for free which should have an innate value may not seem like the best idea at first glance, but it is a very clever marketing strategy that works in a similar manner to giving away samples or a promotional package with your company’s name, having the public which receives it, an idea of what your project is about and already giving them a snippet of ownership by getting them to partake in the ecosystem surrounding it the moment they receive tokens.

It can act as a piece of information that would keep the idea of your service or product in the mind of whoever is holding the cryptocurrency related to it.

Selective targeting a demographic sector is also important, as you want to position your marketing efforts towards whatever fits your business the most, and reflect it through the identity of your coin. Keeping a strong presence through a distinctive logo or unique visual theme could be the deciding factor on whether a potential client wants ownership of your tokens and the project behind them.

Blockchain brings a lot of unique tools for entrepreneurs to promote and kickstart their ideas. It is a new philosophy on how to connect people with one another and also make transactions globally.

So… using tokens to promote your own personal project and acquire clients plus making sure they stay, is a very important step to take when your objective is to reach a wider audience. can give you a myriad of tools to interact with your potential customers, thanks to cryptocurrency, and to boost your presence together with your website and social media channels, everything converging into your own token.

Isaac Vitales