Mintme News


Release notes v1.4

Nov 30, 2020

1.4 has arrived and it contains almost as many features as the 1.2 update! We remind you that you are responsible for marketing your own token so start spreading the word about it!

Token referral link - Your referral link that can be found in the top menu will now lead to your token area! So now you can spread the word about your token and earn very generous 50% fees at the same time!

Airdrops remade - Token creator can now demand up to 8 actions from airdrop participants in exchange for giving away his precious coins! Our automated system will check if participants fulfilled the requirements and will release airdrop only then.

Credit cards - It is now possible to purchase BTC and ETH with a credit card directly on our site using the Coinify widget. Go to the wallet section and click buy crypto to use it.

Direct messages - you can send a direct message to the token creator if you have 100 of his tokens (this value might change in the future and also might become configurable).

Dollarization - Using so many different currencies can become confusing so we have added USD values in many places and we will continue this in the following versions.

Comments - Now users can comment on your posts and additionally there is a unique URL leading directly to your post which helps you share it on other sites and additionally is SEO friendly.

Notifications - You will be notified about important actions related to tokens you own or to supporters that invested in your token. Your supporters will be informed about each post you send or if you use the deploy to blockchain option. The list of notifications is much longer and will bring the connection between token creators and their supporters to the next level.

API v2 - We have added additional commands to the new API including ones required by CMC. This will allow us to list your tokens on various listing sites.

Additional features

  • Preparing the environment for translations
  • Airdrop participate button will change to claimed after using it
  • Show buy depth instead of market cap by default
  • Rename donate to buy
  • Add a link to web wallet in the footer
  • Send email when a user creates token
  • Remove email confirmations for withdrawal API
  • Add a new entry to the drop-down menu
  • Add the description field as required during mintme token creation
  • Change the initial minimum release amount
  • Make language selector configurable
  • Wrong size of the preloaded window on register and login
  • Email reminders for token creators and users
  • Move mintme coin news to mintme news
  • Recent posts and statistics should have the same length
  • Add switches disabling given parts of Mintme for security


  • Amount column in buy/sell containers is broken
  • Kb Links in an email that is received after creating a token are broken
  • New 2FA backup codes can't be generated
  • The validation message was missing
  • Airdrop campaign is not loading
  • Create token is not working correctly
  • Missing elements on the token trade page
  • Remade cache mechanism
  • Return correct HTTP error code in certain situations
  • Show correct error message
  • Added additional info about "Can not connect to internal services" error
  • Add Active airdrop option on the trading page
  • The total price isn't updating
  • Improvements to 2fa mechanism
  • Text in the edit token menu is wrong
  • Airdrop - web console error
  • Improved Cyrillic support in a user profile
  • Token deletion error
  • The table on trade history disappears
  • The preview image and data of the links of articles of news and kb do not load on Twitter and Reddit
  • The backup codes improvements
  • Trade and MintMe Coin are misaligned
  • A wrong route in API v2 wallet
  • The description of the token cannot be set or changed if any forbidden word or name on the token name
  • DEV API wrong response in certain situations
  • Show value of cryptocurrency in USD for inputs fixes
  • API v1 MINTME currency support
  • Search token behavior
  • Trading headers are misaligned
  • Error on the console when attempting to edit token
  • Avoiding 2F auth with a POST parameter
  • Fix "Uncaught Exception: Invalid token given"