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Token creation: Supporting brand ambassadors

Jul 8, 2020

Following the subject form our last post: social media have changed everything. When it comes to market things move fast, and now more than ever, people’s opinions play a big role in the success of any startup and big business. Now, we are trying to bring into perspective how cryptocurrencies and token creation can help bran ambassadors obtain a more steady and profitable income at the same time that they provide a service to promote a product or service.

How to become a brand ambassador?

To become the face and representation of a brand you need a little bit more than just followers. Your quality as a person and your empathy means a lot and can build trust between you and the company that you want to promote.

the company must want you. No business would look for someone who doesn’t represent their values or their vision has a company or that they think could destroy their image for the public, they would look for someone that can identify their brand and the message that they truly want to transmit through their marketing campaigns. So the job of the ambassador is to know the company and the products they sell to work on their own image to become a good prospect. This is an everyday job. Also knowing the company and the product is what will give you the confidence and the words to express yourself in public.

Being an image is not a thing of one moment, as said before an ambassador must have an excellent reputation in and out of the internet world. A person with impeccable and excellent aptitudes, skills to manage their relations with people, amiable and kind. And as a characteristic element of every social media influencer, they should be proactive and be able to share information with people in an extroverted manner even if their personalities vary.

Communication is essential to let people know what you think, since selling a product to them as an influencer would consist of showing trustful opinions and experiences that they can believe. Being ready to answer their questions and support them in any inquiry they may have. Your fast and human responses will also allow people to feel comfortable with you. In other words, they wouldn’t be buying something because of the company, they would buy it because they trust in you, which is why being a brand ambassador is such a powerful tool.

Token creation for ambassadors

The demands of the consumers increase more and more every time, and the companies and big brands rush to find new ways to sell their products and services, which is why every time there are more and more companies looking forward to incorporating ambassadors to their marketing strategies. And you may say: then what can an ambassador do if the companies are the ones to choose?

Token creation is a tool for interaction, if a brand ambassador has his own token he is also the owner of his own system of income and he is also influencer over a wider community. Knowing that the crypto community is bigger and stronger every time it can be a huge move to be able to include those crypto lovers In the list of possible buyers. Furthermore now more than ever we need to find ways to stand out for ourselves and be always one step ahead of changes, surviving and renewing, and all of this is possible using digital tokens

Greater benefits of token creation

No long ago a very close person of mine was called to become the ambassador of a very popular brand of shoes worldwide, yet once she started to work for them she found out that all of her work didn’t always translate to income for her and she felt that she was working for them almost for free. She only had a link of “referees” and if the person happened to get the link wrong then whatever sells the company made thanks to her job as a fashion influencer wasn’t send back to her in the rights the contract stated. This kind of situation is more usual than we may think, which should make us consider for real token creation as more than an option but the real benefit to the overall community.

Becoming a token creator at will help you build a strong community after you, meaning that you can also ask them to pay you using your own coin and this can be your assurance of contract with the companies that would like to have your service. Offering the experience of the new generation, the generation of tokenization opportunities and innovative technologies.

Big companies like Apple, Starbucks, Balay, Adidas, Converse, Nike, and others want to use influencers to show their product and continue to earn trust. But there are smaller companies just as important that want to reach a different kind of people and are focusing on the universe of faithful consumers and these consumers are always followers of certain kind of influencers, which means that influencers that create their coins have the power to create their own contracts and offer something in return saving their identity and their popularity, the popularity that only they have within that special set of consumers.

Mary Schwartz