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Token making to allow voting and community engagement

Oct 10, 2021

           Community engagement is one of the hardest things to achieve when you start a company or project from scratch. This is what branding is about: making people relate to you and identify you anywhere. Not only recognizing you on social media or the quality of your products or services but participating with you in a way that makes them feel part of your project. The question is: can tokens help you increase community engagement? How?

People are in search of personalization

          Market and society are crowded. The only way it is possible to attract the gaze of an individual who is literally overwhelmed in the midst of advertising and suggestive entertainment is to make him feel special and different when he is with you. It is like falling in love, you know it’s different because there is a personal commitment you have never felt towards anybody else.

People are looking for projects and brands that can personalize their approaches to consider them as individuals and not just another person in a bunch. This idea is what has recently boosted a different kind of marketing to get people to engage more directly with the brands and acquire special products in promotions or scores.

Can token-making help?

          To explain why and how tokens can help, we first have to talk about one characteristic that all tokens have: they are built upon a project. It means that tokens created are absolutely related to the building of a brand and the identity of a project and idea. Once a person decides to buy your tokens, even though they do not buy them as a security, they have indeed become direct supporters of what you want to do. In other words, they are creditors behind your success by lending you the money through crowdfunding and spreading the word.

“People are looking for projects and brands that can personalize their approaches to consider them as individuals and not just another person in a bunch.”

However, this is not the only way, particularly in token-making platforms such as people can vote and leave their opinions to their favorite content creators. Although it might seem like it’s short in benefits, the truth is that voting opens the door to amazing possibilities. On one side people are an integral part of the project's success through their ideas and opinions, and on the other hand, token creators have access to possibilities that perhaps they never thought about by the hands of their supporters.

Voting and marketing

          Turns out that voting through MintMe is the perfect way in which a token creator can come to realize the things that work and don't work (beforehand) in the development of his project. In the long run, this can mean money and time that is reduced and refocused. Since they can be sure of where their project is heading and what is the answer of their closest community.

At the same time, community support can help people feel they are part of something bigger in which they are an active important part. It is easier to create community engagement when it is people building it on their own accord, presenting their ideas and proposals to the token creators, and inviting others to see their point of view.

“Building collaboration means building trust.”

Collaborating through tokens

          Collaboration is essential in almost every aspect of life and work. Almost every imaginable job in business today involves at least one joint effort among members of a team working collaboratively. This makes cooperation an essential skill in most sectors of the professional world.

Building collaboration means building trust. Those who are most effective at building trust know how to understand a variety of perspectives, manage the priorities of everyone in the group, and then decisively meet expectations as a trusted member of a team.

Tokens can take collaboration to another level using the security and reliability of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There is no better way to increase personalization than offering services and products through tokenization and giving people the chance of owning something valuable.

By allowing people to participate in the token market we are also giving them the opportunity to make a difference and offer a service that can stand out, while their communities and supporters collaborate in a new level of engagement.

Mary Schwartz