Voting feature

MintMe's voting system is a new feature that has been designed to increase the level of participation and engagement in the community. As a token creator, you have the opportunity to share your propositions with your supporters, who can then vote on their favorite idea. The results of these votes will be visible and transparent to everyone.
Please follow the steps below to create a proposition for your token.

How to create a new proposition for your token:

1. To begin, "Log In" to your MintMe Account, and click on the "My Token" link in the top-center navigation bar.

2. Go to the "Voting" page and click on the "New proposition" button.

3. Enter the voting proposition information, select the end date, and click on the "Save & Publish" button to add your new proposition.


  • You can add an unlimited number of options for your supporters to choose from.
  • If you don't select an end date, your voting will automatically be set to last for one day.
  • You will not be able to edit or erase the proposition once it has been published.
  • Token holders who have a sufficient amount of tokens can also create their own propositions.