Voting feature

MintMe's voting system is a new feature designed to increase the level of participation and engagement in the community.

To create a new proposal as a token creator, go to "My token" to visit your token's introduction page, then click on "voting" and select "New proposition".

Give your proposal a title and description, and select an end date. You can add different options for your supporters to answer. When it's ready click on "publish"



  • If you don't select an end date your voting will be automatically one day long.
  • Make sure that your proposal's title, description and options are set correctly. Once you have published you won't be able to edit/erase it.
  • Token holders with enough tokens can make their own proposals as well.
  • As a token creator, you can also create general voting campaigns once you have 100 MINTME in your balance. 


-General voting campaigns:

To create a new proposal for the whole community, click on the top bar on "voting" and click on "new proposition". You will be able to generate a new proposal if you have a minimum of 100 MINTME in your balance.

General voting campaigns are available to everyone, it is different from creating a voting campaign inside a token’s introduction page.