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Tokenization: Movies for the world

Mar 9, 2020

As an artist I’ve always loved to talk about art and one amazing thing about art is that it can be manifested in many ways and it means the cultural and even spiritual sustenance of humankind. Tokenization surely brings another perspective to how art is marketed and how people get to support the work of those who they admire. Art has taken a new way to develop thanks to blockchain technology and part of the process of improvement is to accept and welcome such technologies that mean a great change and new opportunities. But I’d like to specially talk about how films and movie productions can get the best out of tokenization.

As a fine piece of art we usually ignore the price of it and the immense and meaningful purpose it has in our lives today. The works of concept artists, matte painters, and storyboard artists, the fine art that influence films. Mel Gibson used Caravaggio as a touchstone for “The Passion of the Christ”, and cinematographer Conrad Hall drew from the melancholy of realist painter Edward Hopper’s works to shoot “Road to Perdition”. We see then that the world behind movies is complex and important. Marking a before and after for society.

Crowdfunding for movies

It is known that one of the first crowdfunding campaigns ever made online was for a movie. The independent scriptwriter and director Mark Tapio Kines designed a website in 1997 for his then-unfinished first feature film called Foreign Correspondents. That was a complete success since in 1999, he successfully raised more than US$125,000 on the Internet from an approximate of 25 fans, providing him with the funds to complete his film. Since then the film industry has taken a spin, now, just like any other art they can also count on the support of the fans and faithful followers.

Hearing talk about great directors and filmmakers such as Tarantino, Anderson, Nolan, Scorsese and the forever iconic Stanley Kubrick we get an idea of how big the film industry is and how we all have something to do with it in one way or another. Considering the great advantages and the massive method of communication that it is, supporting movie creations with blockchain crowdfunding and tokenization should be an honest aim of those who truly love movies.

“ Tokenization surely brings another perspective to how art is marketed and how people get to support the work of those who they admire.”.

Dreams that can come true

I remember having a friend who studied at college to be a filmmaker, he was the kind of person that would talk about movies right and left, north and south. You could see he was extremely passionate about it and he also has clear ideas of the kind of message he wanted to transmit to people but always so sad about not being able to fulfill his dreams because he didn’t have the support. And of course, having him as a friend also made me realize the amazing work filmmakers do and how much money and effort it requires to get a nice result on the screen.

Production matters, screenplay, custom, and production design, film edition, makeup and hairstyling, visual effects, the food for the crew, the inclemencies of the weather, the directors work, the camera man’s work, the sound engineer, the actors, the casting crew, the cost of all of the film making instruments, such as cameras, lights, stabilizers, cam cranes, flying cam’s called drones and the list can continue. This is something I have learned seeing people like him do miracles with the little they have. But by that time I didn’t know myself that there was a way to ask for help that didn’t require such impossible money stairs to be able to withdraw or having to pay anyone the money that is yours rightfully.

By creating a token, thus tokenizing your ideas you can opt to get the help you need to make your dreams come to reality, and teach the people how important it is to support the film industry and more so those who just started their careers. Hopefully, filmmakers will join the crypto world and create their own token to promote such amazing work and give movies to the world.

Mary Schwartz