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Tokenization: Making Money from Home

Mar 22, 2020

“We have to look forward to keeping the mutual support movement active, helping each other and changing our environment, producing and continuing life from where we are”.

“Quarantine” is a word that has become common among us, like never before, we are suffering under circumstances that are equal to us all. None escapes from it and we are all looking for the same alternatives. When people are in quarantine the whole system starts slowly to collapse under the shadow of the inactivity the short flux of money, the closing of many establishments, unemployment and even insensibility towards art and entertainment due to the stress we fight every day. Making money has always been a necessity to make a living, but now, under these circumstances, it is also a demand. People start wondering “how can I keep making money?” And the quarantine adds another question to it: “can I make money from home?”

Modernity is not only a historical period but it can be understood as well as the ensemble of particular socio-cultural norms, attitudes, and practices, in other words, its also how people understand the world and what they consider to be important in life. Before, people going out and doing outdoor endeavors were considered the norm and it was also the most valued, but things have changed, and not everything is done through the internet, to the point where we can’t live a normal life without it.

Everyone can make money from home

The opportunities appear in such varieties that you probably never stopped to think about it: from working for a hospital, registering the information of any kind, giving professional advise, teaching online, homeschooling, stock and crypto trading, programming, designing, entertainment, music production, video edition, business meetings, International partnerships, worldwide connections, selling products of all kinds. This is just a shortlist of the multiple ways in which you can start making life online, I’m pretty sure right now, by just reading you have started to make your own conclusions based on your personal talents and now you're thinking there certainly are things you can do from home.

There are so many ways in which you can become useful for society while you are at home. For example, giving online lessons. If you are a musician, you could start by giving free lessons to promote yourself, while offering your MintMe tokens as gifs and gold tickets to those who sign in for your lessons first. Then sell your tokens in exchange for different levels in your course, allowing people to access your courses arranging the money issue directly with you through your custom cryptocurrencies.

But after you have figured out what you want to do, what’s the next step? Well, the point where tokenization takes the lead is where all of those things converge. How can people secure their jobs by giving them the chance to be owners and manage their business and projects the way they decide, when they decide and from any place? Being able to receive payments from any person, and from all over the world, fast, secure and direct.

When you create digital tokens you are creating a tool to allow people to reach you and it becomes the direct link between you and your followers or significant clients. It is not only a digital coin/token that represents your project but also identifies you and your brand in a way in which you can promote it and sell it knowing that is all yours and none else’s.

Don’t be left behind, you can do it!

You are right, there are many needs in the world, and people need to keep working, outdoors, indoors and everywhere, but we have to recognize that the times have changed and the values have changed too. Staying at home now is not less important and it also doesn’t mean that you can't find plenty of things to do. Even more now, with the circumstances we are experiencing, something that is new for our generation.

We have to look forward to keeping the mutual support movement active, helping each other and changing our environment, producing and continuing life from where we are. MintMe gives you the chance to create a token and stays secure at home at the same time that you make money and become support for the world that is needing more people to work and look forward to a better future.

Mary Schwartz