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Tokens and Video Games

May 27, 2020

I love to start writing about stories, because they show us how significant an event was, to the point that it became an interesting fact that it’s hard to forget. For example, in 1961, the IBM 7094 computer sang the song Daisy Bell, a classy romance popular British song, making the earliest known recording with a computer-synthesized voice. The Vocals were programmed by John Kelly and Carol Lockbaum and the accompaniment was programmed by Max Mathews. This performance was the one that inspired Arthur C. Clark, the script co-writer of the epic sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, having HAL-9000 sing the song near the end of the story, as a tribute to the programmers. If you have watched “A space Odyssey” then you would agree that it was the vision of a futuristic world that turned out to be almost prophetic, and it all started with a computer singing a song.

Back in the 60s Steve Russel in collaboration with Martin Graetz and Wayne Wiitanen, by the time just a couple of young students at MIT, joined other young programmers to change the story or better said: to start a story. Using the newly installed DEC PDP-1, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology saw light with the first interactive computer game called “Spacewar”. If we see it know it just seems like a few slow-moving graphics with no much to do: two armed ships called "the needle" and "the wedge" try to destroy each other without falling within the gravity well of a star, yet, this simple game become one of the most important and influential games in the early history of video games. Once again, just like when the mysterious Nakamoto created Blockchain Bitcoin, he probably had no idea of how big it was going to become and the number of innovations it dragged out of the box with his boldness.

The empire of Video Games

People like them changed the story with an innovative invention, and they were just interested in something: bring entertainment. The possibilities of giving people something they can control and experience something different from the usual daily life experiences. That’s exactly what gamers do nowadays since entertainment is a huge issue for modern society. We cannot talk about improvement if we don’t bring to the table better opportunities for people like them to grow and keep doing something that, we should admit, we all love. Yes, I’m talking about video games.

The world of the games is bigger than most people know, from producers to programmers, drawers, board artists, scrip writers, 3D experts, music composers, investors, and those who make the first tastes. Look what a few hands together can create, mutual support and trust can build big things, and in this case, they have built an empire in which we all participate in one way or another, as always, there is a problem.

An issue we need to address

Although e-commerce, online shopping and online crowdfunding is growing, even though the internet world has reached a huge extent, the obsolete global financial system represents the biggest barrier to the improvement of such empires and their expansion. Banks, agencies, or managers always act as intermediaries on the internet, and of course, they always get the best part. Those who create art are usually not the ones that have direct contact with the people that enjoy the content they create. This makes us one more time bring to the table the amazing changes that blockchain technology could mean to this extensive subject.

“Mutual support and trust can build big things”.

It is not the first time that we have heard about the terrible exploitation that virtual game programmers suffer, and so many others that labor day and night to bring up the best quality our eyes have ever seen. Most people don’t take into account how exhausting it must be to look at the screen of a computer fixing numbers and coding, creating something from scratch, like painting but without facing the board, using the tools to show people finally what you have seen yourself in your mind, to make visual something that was abstract.

A solution fueled by the blockchain: Tokens

Tokens are meant to give those kinds of people the chance to receive the proper help and support in a more direct way from people like you and me, people that appreciate the art they create. Tokens could become the tool that breaks down the chains that literally bonds them to slavery in the intense video game’s enterprise and the big agencies that pay a lot less than they really should.

“There are many people who would like to give their support but can’t open a bank account or don’t have the possibility of exchanging currencies freely in their home countries. More than a billion people worldwide, fall under this category.”

Blockchain initiatives like MintMe look forward to becoming the preferred platform to help bring support for video game creators and give them the possibility of acquiring early support to continue bringing quality entertainment to all of us. Knowing that there are many people who would like to give their support but can’t open a bank account or don’t have the possibility of exchanging currencies freely in their home countries. More than a billion people worldwide, fall under this category, people from third-world countries where banking systems are undeveloped, as well as disadvantaged people from developed countries. Certainly token creation isn't just another method, they are the solution for many economic problems because they give people autonomy to work and earn money doing the activities they choose.

Everyone is welcome

Every person is a mind or their own, we all have projects and ideas we would like to develop and sometimes those ideas aren’t exactly what big agencies are looking for, but then, should we give up? The answer is no. The world is big and we should all give our dreams a chance, by creating a campaign and crowdfunding our projects with the use of tokens we can also get to know a new community who can be interested in our kind of idea and we can become entrepreneurs without depending on any big capitalized company that could crush our dreams away. Even more, that community could be the first triers of games, and new products.

Cryptocurrencies and tokens could connect those people with the world of Video Games, while protecting the integrity of their work, through measures such as blockchain copyright protection. They just need an internet connection to get started, tokens are there to unify people and bring opportunities to self creators and artists from all niches, drawers, designers, programmers, and video game creators.

Mary Schwartz