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Make money online through worthy activities

Jan 23, 2020

“Earn money doing the things you love to do instead of giving your time to unworthy tasks. Your time and your energy are important”.

When you go to the internet with the hopes of making money online what do you find? A bunch of people telling you that you can make 0,01cents of dollars writing captchas, watching 100 banners of publicity for even less, clicking banners of random products and services, transcribing indescribable audio files that make no sense, and in a tiresome everyday routine that can’t be worse for the nerves. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to make money at the same time that you work in worthy activities?

There is a way

Honestly, despite the opportunities being so wide and the internet being such a big world we find ourselves in a dilemma sometimes when it comes to finding alternatives to make money online. Many are the websites, blogs, and videos that inform us of ways to make money super easy and super fast, but I’ve got to tell you that reality is another. There is no way to make money that comes out of nowhere, we cannot fall into the fantasy that misleads Pinocchio to his loose. But even though there is no way to plant magic beans that turn into a money tree, there are more realistic ways to make money online (legitimately) thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

I’d like to let you know about two ways in which you can earn money with blockchain and crypto:

Crowdfunding for your dreams

If you are the kind of person that has a lot of dreams and would like to get your plans done then crowdfunding is definitely for you. Maybe you have been looking for ways to develop your projects further and you are stuck in unprofitable and tiresome methods because you think there is nothing else that can work for you. Blockchain-based crowdfunding is for everyone, is one of the many advantages of the blockchain, you really do not need anything more than your will you participate. At you can create your profile, then create a token and personalize it, setting the price of it and share in it with your friends in your social media channels to let them know. By making a campaign, letting others know about your ideas and showing people your honesty you’ll be able to earn their support and finally earn the money that you need to go ahead with your plans and enhance your career.

This is one of the best ways to make money online, doing the things you love to do instead of giving your time to unworthy tasks. Your time and your energy are important, so I believe you should give them to what can help you develop new skills, meet new people, interact and influence others, exposing yourself to the world and to better opportunities at the same time that you receive support from those who can see your potential.

Trade with tokens

If what you want is make money online without having to make any campaign, or you are not in a hurry but just want to have the chance to make a second income then you should try becoming a token trader.

Tokens have intrinsic value since the moment they are created after someone’s initiative since they represent a project they are likely to increase in value and they don’t perish like a physical asset. To be able to pursue tokens you must create a wallet and exchange/buy or mine MINTME coins. Mining MINTME is easy and profitable thanks to our own Blockchain solution.

One of the main limitations for any person willing to mine is to own hardware according to the block difficulty of the blockchain. This usually translates to high-end machines (with cutting edge CPU & memory components) and a stable connection while they work. This approach is limited both on the usual economic assets of users and the flexibility of connections they have access to. Coin doesn’t require any particularly good hardware. As long as the device has a processor, it will count on a percentage of unused CPU power and deploy the web miner, which is executed asynchronously. This allows users to mine from a good set of devices like a desktop computer, smartphones, or even those connecting with IoT.

After this, what you have to do is visit the profiles of token creators at and choose what better fits your instinct, you can feel free to jump between campaigns and get to know the token creator’s projects further, choosing to buy as many tokens as you want. When you buy one you are both becoming a supporter of someone else’s projects and also holding the opportunity to earn money yourself when that person’s project became successful, that’s right this is like investing in stocks but instead, you are investing in people!

Then, are you happy to hear that there are ways to make money online that can actually work? As I said, take your time, no money comes easy, but thanks to platforms like mintMe it is possible, serious and at the reach of your hand.

By Mary Schwartz