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Tokens for Youtubers? Decentralization reaches media and entertainment.

Jan 13, 2020

“Tokens are the next step towards both freedom of opinion and monetization through the web. A crypto token is your own currency, your own digital coin...”.

Youtube, the world’s largest user-generated, video-centric social network is one of the greatest platforms for entertainment that has ever existed with an almost unbeatable record of dominance in the media and it continues to develop strongly with streaming features, live sessions, and podcasts. But since crypto is changing everything, can youtube be an exception? I believe blockchain is there to bring a lot more innovation and improvement to the IoT environment in 2020 and I’d like to take the chance to tell you a little bit about what kind of advantages would have to bring crypto tokens as a method of payment to the Youtube media and how Youtubers can benefit from the decentralization wave.

YouTubers are powerful social media influencers whose advice to purchase and invest is considered more valuable than that of celebrities, like movie stars or models.YouTubers have it hard as to produce renewing entertainment for the masses at the same time that they promote brands, products, and services and even influence over politics or other important human matters. Of course, businesses also take the best out of it, working with YouTubers offers an incredible opportunity to connect with consumers. The market in this area is huge and you can see it by yourself when you end up seeing a 20-year-old youtube gamer selling you brand shirts more efficiently than Johnny Deep.

Why do we need decentralization?

Those who get to become top YouTubers earn millions of dollars per year. But the truth is that there is a long way to become a top Youtuber and many small creators are working hard in the pursuit of making a living through YouTube and their effort isn’t always well compensated, there are always limitations in a centralized system.

The generally-accepted average for YouTube revenue is around 10 cents per 100 views, 1 dollar per 1000 views, 10 dollars per 10,000 views, 100 dollars per 100,000 views, etc. It sure takes a lot to get to an amazing rate of 100,000 views, and not only that but counting with the fact that you might end up getting your videos demonetized if your turn out expressing opinions that aren’t very popular. It means that it is not as open a platform has many would think, right? At least not for monetization.

For the same reason, many YouTubers choose to patronize themselves through youtube but accept donations/payments at different platforms in order to remain true to themselves and care little about youtube not monetizing their controversial videos. Yet, those platforms would most certainly take a high commission or not be accessible to everyone to participate in.

Even I personally have felt limited many times to give support to the people I admire because of the difficult access to certain fiat currencies. I don’t think I would be the only person in this predicament, others may just find it difficult to pay with credits cars or give support in the currency of their home country. Decentralization through blockchain and cryptocurrencies brings a solution to this problem.

Everyone can be a token creator

Tokens are the next step towards both freedom of opinion and monetization through the web. A token is your own currency, your own digital coin that can be used around the world by anyone. Thanks to platforms like MintMe, token creation is right at the corner, in a few clicks and fully functional immediately, allowing you to receive payments without any third party taking your money, and even less blocking it.

One of the most amazing features of blockchain technology is its accessibility and the fact that any person in spite of their work, social or economic status, religion or culture can participate freely and equally. Anyone can create a token and start promoting it right away, asking their fans for support, or simply creating a crowdfunding campaign and letting people know about their creations and initiatives, being able to find, from important investors to philanthropies, new fans and other people with the same taste for video realization and entertainment.

Join the crypto community

Every time there are more YouTubers turning to crypto as an alternative to demonetization because they have found out that blockchain can become the direct bridge between them and their followers or supporters because It allows them to receive payments and wholehearted support easily and without any compromise to their personal values and opinions.

75% of children ages 6 to 17 have said that they want to become YouTubers. They dream to become social media influencers. A huge percentage of Gen Z and Millennials are set on creating content on social media for their livelihood and It is possible today more than ever because they can join functional alternatives like crypto tokens.

Those who follow their dreams are happiest. If what you want is to become a Youtuber and create content for social media, it is my wish that you can start this new year putting your dreams and your possibilities on the table. If you are a Youtuber already you probably know that what’s more thrilling is to be able to express yourself, engage with people, family, and friends, be heard and influence positively, letting your creativity and personality overflow while platforms like MintMe easy up the money part for you.

By Mary Schwartz