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Webchain is accepted by 9th exchange in the world, but we need your support!

Jun 8, 2018

After few interviews with Bit-Z, we got accepted by 9th exchange in the world, but before you open ? - it's not going to happen.
They have price of 800 000 USD for listing, which unfortunately we don't have. Another option is via voting. To try to get there via voting we need to pay much lower fee but it is still quite costly. We can pay for possibility to vote, but with current number of followers we have no chance to win it. So I ask you - if you believe in our project - please try to spread the word about it! Ask your friends, collegues, family - whoever you know - to join us, like us on twitter, join our telegram and discord and share our posts. If big exchange accept us after very detailed review and the only problem is lack of money for listing, then we are surely on good path to ? ? but we need your commitment!