Token creation against banking issues

Sep 5, 2020

How does it sound to create your own digital coin to bring your business to the international market and make easy transactions using your smartphone? Token creation is the alternative to bring equality and opportunities to the worldwide community.

Custom cryptocurrencies to create time-bound special offers.

Sep 1, 2020

Custom cryptocurrencies can be fun to use if you are wise taking advantage of all of these characteristics. Prepare your campaigns putting all things in perspective and explore the market possibilities for token creation.

I have created a token but, what does that mean?

Aug 28, 2020

When we talk about creating tokens we talk about building up a payment system, a crowdfunding method, a brand, a way to share original creations to a special community, a tool to connect with your clients, a coin that talks about you, a way to reach a wider community, a way to expand your business and allow people from all over the world participate with you, and much more.

Token creators: Creating content for your supporters

Aug 24, 2020

Making a community grow around your token and the project behind it requires effort, but there we have some tips for you.

Token crowdfunding for short and long-term plans

Aug 20, 2020

Project’s ideas are multiple and vast, you just have to put into perspective who you are and what you are good at, and it will be the perfect chance to start something on your own that can meet a need for a specific time or for a specific public.

Custom cryptocurrencies for small projects

Aug 16, 2020

Custom cryptocurrencies that you create through the MintMe platform are meant to be part of your project management for the better benefit of your plans, whether you have a small startup and personal project.

MintMe DeFi Plans

Aug 12, 2020

You already know about what will be in 1.2 version but what about further goals? We have decided to share a little more although most of our plans are still not public. We are currently designing DeFi functions.

Digital tokens and technological expansion

Aug 12, 2020

Now it's the time to invest in crypto but not only that, it’s the time to build reliability thought the blockchain and token creation. To finally allow your business to grow and expand to reach new boundaries and open up to better possibilities.

Earning autonomy through token creation

Aug 8, 2020

Once again blockchain technology through token creation is changing our lives in a very significant way, this time helping us feel sufficient to take care of our own projects and our community, making our own money and expressing our opinions strongly being autonomous.

Making tokens to support small businesses

Aug 4, 2020

In a very active and competitive market, the brands that can stand and continue to grow, the business ideas that can come up as real solitons are those that also embrace new technologies and develop new strategies to boost their businesses to remain in time.