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The 1000x token has been the first token how has been deployed on the MintMe blockchain with mintme.com platform and has been created on 23 May 2020. The token is artificially held at a price at or over 1000 MintMe coins. The goal of this token is to have something valuable that can be given to other people or exchanged for other goods. You can already exchange the 1000x Token with other tokens on the blockchain, see Token Swap section. You can find more information on the 1000x webpage

Recent posts

Bag of Ovelle Coffee

[p][/p] [p]I received my bag of Coffee from Ovelle Coffee on the Nov 28, 2021, and it was awesome, but due to some personal events I totally forgot to post the great news here.[/p] [p]The Coffee was tasty, and I enjoyed every cup in the morning. However, I would really like to see that Ovelle Coffee would sell their coffee in exchange for their Ovelle Token.[/p] [p]Best to the Ovelle Team[/br] Musdasch[/p]

New Token Pairs

[p][/p] [p]There are new pairs on the 1000x swap page. Now you can swap Anukis, LIBAS, PETETE and Satoshi for 1000x Tokens. Check it out on www.1000x.ch/swap.[/p]

New Token Swap Page

[p][/p] [p]I did create a token swap page and need some people to try it.[/p] [p]The Page works with the MintyDEFI from EUBI team, runs only in your browser and communicates with the blockchain directly through MetaMask.[/p] [p]The exchange rate is calculated by the provided liquidity and not by the exchange reate on mintme.com, so you may find different prices on the page.[/p] [p]Would like to get some feedback from you guys, if you have time to check it out.[/p] [p]You can find the page here.[/p]

New MintyDEFI Pairing

[p]1000x Token has added liquidity to the following Paar on MintyDEFI so holders of 1000x Tokens can exchange their tokens directly if they wish.[/p] [ul] [li]BANG/1000x[/li] [li]CLICK/1000x[/li] [li]CoronaCoin Extra/1000x[/li] [li]deZentrale/1000x[/li] [li]DogecoinX/1000x[/li] [li]EUBI/1000x[/li] [li]MineMintToken/1000x[/li] [li]PRSS/1000x[/li] [li]SHELLS/1000x[/li] [li]Spiffcoin/1000x[/li] [li]TREE/1000x[/li] [/ul] [p]Check out their GitHub page in order to get more information to swap tokens.[/p] [p]I will add a token swap function to my website in the future.[/p]

1000x token is now available on highpay-pool.com

[p][/p] [p]Since today, highpay-pool.com listed 1000x Token on their page. If you are interested to earn your tokens, check out their website.[/p] [p]highpay-pool.com[/p]

Finally, Webpage for 1000x token is out

[p]Finally, I got around to upload the web page about the 1000x. Check it out on: [url=]1000x.ch[/url][/p]

A new way to earn 1000x tokens

[p]Earners Channel kindly added 1000x to their faucet list. Since you get 0.003 tokens regardless of the token and 1000x the highest value has, I would suggest hurting before they change their policy.[/p] [p] Payout on Earners Channel is 1 token. [/p] [p] https://earnerschannel.pl/1000x/ [/p]

Post 1336

[p]EUBI Token made an offer to all 1000x Token Holders.[/p] [ul] [li]Everyone that holds more than 1 1000x gets 10 STHC per 1000x from EUBI[/li] [li]Until the end of February for each 1000x = 10,5 EUBI COIN[/li] [li]Until the end of March for each 1000x = 7 EUBI COIN[/li] [li]From 1st April you can buy with 1000x EUBI COINS at a 20% discount.[/li] [/ul] [p]To receive your reward write to EUBI#9474 on discord.[/p]

Post 1115

[p]Mutual Investment Announcement[/p] [p]EUBI token and 1000x token agreed about mutual investment supporting each-other. This agreement will help with projects stability and growth.[/p] EUBI

Post 570

In order to ensure that there are not too many 1000x on the market, and also to be sure they can't be stolen. I have decided to burn all the tokens I will never use. So I send 560 000 1000x to the Address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 in order to burn them. TX: 0xdae4747ebae6b08acb37f090a4654f8f1b817b8ee40f4a463861b2b83091cbed