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Locked to 0.0001 Litecoin. Marketcap is limited thus 1k LTC. 1/10,000th of LTC = 10k Litoshi. This will be unofficial Litecoin (LTC) Token on Mintme Network. Initial funds are backed out of pocket by lead developer. Extra liquidity added is directly added and will insure OVER-balance protection. This is not an investment vehicle this is a manual bridge token designed to be stable to LTC yet investor may find interest in providing market making on mintme side at their own discretion.

Created on:
10 Jul 2023
Active orders:
13 002.0000
Release period:
20 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
2 258 694.3999
Wallet on exchange:
2 764.8216
998 952.7368
Sold on the market:
3 043 780.3269
Not yet released:
7 741 305.6000
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04:09:21 28 Sep, 2023

Whether mintme or litecoin moon 10k Litoshi is overbacked and ready! Stock up early before the bull returns ;) #mintme #litecoin #bullmarket #moon #recessionover