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Contract address Welcome to AED Finance Ecosystem INTRODUCTION Cryptocurrencies has become increasingly essential to businesses in their daily operations. The majority of corporations have adjusted well to the growing digital invesment given their budget surplus and muscles to change and advance the development of the world economy. On the other hand, Cryptocurrencies are easily accepted by the wider community, and have the ability to grow faster, are easy to obtain, are affordable, and are secure. Basically the price of cryptocurrencies is determined by the holder, by mutual agreement. This is what causes digital asset prices to rise and fall very quickly. For this reason, We Aios Tech Indonesia. PT (Limited Company) participate in issuing AED Finance as a digital asset. To prevent a Rug Pull or AED Finance value from decreasing, we have the best strategy by investing capital from investors and the community, in real assets such as silver bullion assets, plantation assets, mining assets, property assets and banking assets. We hope that AED Finance will be the pride and best digital investment solution of all time. We thank the investors and the AED Finance community for trust, and we welcome to the AED Finance Ecosystem. Together we form a decentralized digital economy change. FUNDAMENTAL OVERVIEW AED Finance is one the worldwide blockchain payment system that offers its users a universal and similar environment in which to access and use cryptocurrency wherever and whenever they so choose. The crucial aspect of AED Finance in comparison to its competitors that seemingly offer similar services is that AED Finance will have ease of access and ease-of-use for all its customers. By offering a similar environment and a variety of platforms, users will have no difficulty logging in and overseeing their account and revenues. TOKENOMICS General Reserve : 50% Liquidity: 20% Investor: 10% Charity: 2.5% Other: 17.5% BUSINESS STRATEGY AED FINANCE IS A SHARIA-BASED DIGITAL INVESTMENT INNOVATION AED Finance Digital Investment with 3 years experience. And has made dozens of elegant and professional business and investment solutions. To help the progress of the economy and business, I present a safe, profitable and tangible investment vehicle. With the technology of the digital world, I present investment solutions through the world of cryptocurrencies, as a global business tool combined with real investment. Current systems that deal with cryptocurrencies are unfriendly to their users, do not facilitate understanding and/or the use of cryptocurrency. The interface and experience of these systems are not catered to the needs of users, often not diverse in their applications or poor in communications across different apps. AED Finance will solve these issues by offering a series of applications, with a similar interface, interconnected yet private and secure. In combination with its own cryptocurrency AED, people can become part of a global community, trade, invest and save coins with a this simple ecosystem. INVESTMENT ASSETS SILVER BULLION ASSETS OIL PALM PLANTATION ASSETS STOCK OWNERSHIP IN SHARIA COOPERATIVES LIVESTOCK ASSETS PROPERTY ASSETS CHARITY Human Resource Development Scholarship Humanitarian Aid DEVELOPMENT TARGETS AED DEX Exchange App AED Finance Wallet App AED Vestor Asset Management App AED Mastercard More about us read our Legal And Business License AED Finance founder : ARIES WIBOWO ( CEO of AED Finance ). under the auspices of Aios Tech Indonesia, PT (.Ltd) under the leadership of Director LAILI SYAHRIAH. With an official company license and registered: MINISTRY OF LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA as a legal entity and registered in the database of the Directorate General of General Legal Administration of the Republic of Indonesia NUMBER: AHU-002074.AH.01.30.2022 Jakarta, January 16, 2022

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