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Assassin is a decentralized data blockchain for ledger carnage data censorship-resistant in a secure and highly scalable manner. Assassin is powered operated consesus non-quibbling in Flare Byzantine protocol, making it temporally accountable with various blockchains as transactions continue to build and wrap in the centralized databases. Assassins and others become the point of reference with true accuracy requiring the full gamete of decentralized financy and transactional token. Assassins coin aims to provide a critical piece in the advancement of Defi, supply chains, gaming, scalability, and other second phase and fork sectors tailored for the next generation economic Defi blockchain tokens. Assassin is powered by the entire Flare and Ethereum ecosystems as BIGLY as 10,000 TPS Proof-of-Stake Byzantinian Agreement network become the ultimate minting and validation network designed as scalable Defi and Dapps networks based on nodes working together to provide the most available and secure database in crypto network. Assassin wants every device, participant, and associates to become nodes, validators, and minters of currency for everyone part of the Defi and Dapps ecosystem.

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