Azuray AZY is a Binance Smart Contract (BSC) BEP20 token. Project Description: C-EXINS is the Creator and Owner of the Azuray AZY. Coin is created for the enterprise project(s) that would deal with the Modern Technologies. In the first stage we are completing the complete necessary documentations according the long term basis for Sustainity. As for the legalization of any Crypto Asset(s), where needed, in the form of Token or digital or crypto or fiat currency and according to the code of acceptance of the legal holdings. All details would be updated such as spread of Azuray AZY, legalization, liquidity & statistical data on our official website You should navigate to the Azuray AZY page(s) for the proof of the fair & transparent flow of Azuray AZY bsc bep20 token. Technical information Name: Azuray Symbol: AZY Contract Address: 0x2Df2Ae560CBaFA7fdAaD3301F785513a325DF4C1 Decimals: 18 Logo: Block Explorer Trade available on other Exchange(s) Project details Official Website: Official Project Email: Official Project Page: Official Project Logo: Official Project Category: Cryptocurrency Finance and Assets Subscribe us for help & support and to get connected: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: (Join Chat Group: AZURAY AZY) Pinterest: Reddit: Slack: Facebook: LinkedIn: Tiktok: Telegram: (Join Price Updates: AZURAY AZY) Medium: Youtube: Github: Email: Last Updated: Saturday, 03 March, 2023 C-EXINS Blockchain Department,

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06:03:37 01 Mar, 2023

Welcome Azuray AZY holders! We would bring some new options for trading soon. thanks

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