Bronx (BRNX) crypto token is a transparent, egalitarian, smart contract compatible blockchain protocol token built on a blockchain based on Ethereum network and allowing artists, creators, fans, investors and everybody else with focus on Web3, DeFi, Metaverse, unlimited art and next level gaming to freely develop, express and promote their art and business ideas.

Created on:
05 Apr 2021
Active orders:
50 465.0000
Release period:
1 year(s)
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9 999 086.7579
Wallet on exchange:
9 946 392.4460
Sold on the market:
3 496.5846
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Latest News
17:10:17 30 Oct, 2023

Pilot game coming soon! Stay put.

07:10:41 21 Oct, 2023

Token to NFT within a game. Stay put.

08:08:47 01 Aug, 2023

Exploring possibilities for minting limited edition silver tokens backed by BRNX.