CCTVRADIO GROUPS within our organization we have a base called CCI-OH Central Corp. Intelligence - Operation Hacker; We are made up of young people and people with knowledge of justice. Called Ethical Hacker. What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is an electronically generated unit that uses advanced encryption techniques for generation, transfer, and validation. Compatible with ERC20 and ERC223 Smart Contracts and blockchain enabled DApps, secured by websites and Internet of Things What is a Coin Cryptographic CCI2? A Coin Cryptographic CCI2 is an ERC20 and ERC223 cryptocurrency that was created for people to use as they wish. How many Coin Cryptographic CCI2 will there be? Only 10,000,000 will be created. Is this cryptocurrency anonymous? Yes. No personal information, tracked or collected with any transaction, is required. What is the purpose of the creation of Coin Cryptographic CCI2? Coin Cryptographic CCI2 was created as decentralized crypto in favor of the underdog. It is an alternate community monetary system protected by Central Corp. Intelligence (CCI). Site: Hispaloto: CCI Community Exchange: Community Exchange System (CES): CCI Community Bank: CCIE - Behance: Token contract address: CCTVRADIO is the clan of War Robots, a project belonging to CCTVRADIO. Normally we are in charge of the #WarRobots Tournaments, as we are also the ones who participate in the Intercontinental War Robots Tournament. We are also organizers and sponsor of other Local Tournaments, Departmental Tournament, National and International Tournament. Lately we are doing several activities that concern War Robots. We thank all who visit us to be in touch with our clan. To the mail: or to the CCTVRADIO telephone: 929 805 321 (Peru) Note: If you want to belong to a Clan you can write to me or look for our Clan: CCTVRADIO or Clan id: 114353 Clan Information: Лиги Лиги - Межконтинентальный турнир Clan Mail: Telephone: +51 929 805 321 WebSite:

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