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The CCIB Community is tasked with driving CCTVRADIO GROUPS to fuel growth and propel the organization towards full decentralization. While the Community provided development support through the launch of Coin cryptographic CCI (CCI) and Coin cryptographic CCI2 (CCI2), it is currently spearheading efforts to decentralize development. Site: FB: Community Exchange System (CES): CCI Station: Hispaloto: CCI: CCI2: What is Governance? Governance is the process of interaction and decision-making among the stakeholders of a given system or organization. It is also the way rules, norms and actions are structured, sustained, regulated and upheld. How is the CCIE Protocol governed? CCIE in Dapp: How is the CCIE Protocol governed? CCIE: How is the CCIE Protocol governed? CCIE in Smart Contracts: In the context of CCIE, governance can be divided into two main parts: on-chain and off-chain. CCIE token holders, who are the primary stakeholders of the system, vote using the CCIE Protocol's on-chain governance system. There are two types of votes in this system, Governance Polls and Executive Votes. Anyone who owns CCIE can participate in these votes. Stakeholders participate in governance off-chain by engaging with the community and other stakeholders in places like the forums and the public governance calls. The Interim Governance Facilitator is currently tasked with several administrative duties that keep the larger community organized, proactive, aware, and ready to make decisions. Investigation and development: Dictionary of acronyms and phrases about Bitcoin: Glossary of Bitcoin and blockchains: CCIB It is built with goods and services, with functional and operational capacities that are maintained during the complete development of each specific socio-economic activity. The assets of the companies vary according to the nature of the activity carried out CCI Community Bank is a financial base that belongs to CCTVRADIO, it is part of the global network of Community Exchange System (CES). Of course we are also part of the Markets over the counter (OTC) OTC: .

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29 Sep 2020
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