It is the cryptocurrency of the Garcilaso de la Vega Sports Club, created by the CCI Community Bank in order to help, preserve the development of a new economic purpose from the imperial city of Cusco What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is an electronically generated unit that uses advanced encryption techniques for generation, transfer, and validation. Compatible with ERC20 and ERC223 smart contracts and blockchain-enabled DApps, protected by websites and Internet of Things What is the CDIGV cryptocurrency? An CDIGV currency is a cryptographic system is an ERC20 and ERC223 cryptocurrency that was created for people to use as they wish. How many CDIGV crypto currencies will there be? Only 10,000,000 will be created. Is this cryptocurrency anonymous? Yes. No personal, tracked or collected information is required with any transaction. What is the purpose of the creation of Coin Cryptographic CDIGV? Coin Cryptographic CDIGV was created as decentralized crypto in favor of the underdog. It is an alternative community monetary system protected by CCI Community Bank. CCI Community Bank:

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01 Dec 2020
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