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Telluric is an entire defi project with a grand vision. It’s goal is to develop a real and pure decentralized financial system for everyone on earth. At its core, the team is developing the world's first non-KYC verified Automated Market Maker (AMM) Aggregated Decentralised Exchange (DeX). An essential feature enabling ​anyone​ to buy/sell, trade and transfer crypto. CanadianToken has been rebranded Telluric (TELT)

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Post 2809

Hello Tellurians! I would like to announce some fantastic news! We have entered into a Mutual Investment Partnership with Utopian! This is another fantastic opportunity to help us build even more stability for CADT & TELT! You can find their Utopian project here!

Post 2804

Only 12 or so hours left for the CADT sale, and only 30,000 CADT left up for sale at 0.1 MintMe!

Post 2789

Hello Tellurians! I would like to announce some fantastic news! We have entered into a Mutual Investment Partnership with EUBI! This is a fantastic opportunity to help us build stability for CADT & TELT! You can find their EUBI project here!

Post 2786

It's the last day of the sale guys!! 75% of all MintMe is going directly into raising the price of CADT! Don't miss out on your chance to enter the TELT ecosystem for almost nothing!

Post 2776

Only 2 days left for the Token Sale! Don't miss out on your chance to participate in the TELT ecosystem for super cheap! Our dApps are out for staking, you can already earn more TELT just by moving your CADT to the Binance Smart Chain! Our Lottery is in Alpha! You can win everyday!

Post 2763

40,000 CADT is up on the exchange! This is being done to allow for more people to adopt CADT, and move it over into the BSC and FTM ecosystem! We have developed a PoWRNG Lottery, by moving your CADT over to TELT on the BSC and FTM chains you will be able to play in the daily lottery! There is a guaranteed winner everyday, the winner earns 80% of the pot!

Post 2746

In order to take TELT further we are asking our adopters to take advantage of the BSC and FTM DeFi ecosystems so we can build the amount of wallet holders! Here on MintMe you are not able to take advantage of Chainswapping, any of our future exchange listing, you can not stake your TELT to earn more TELT, you can't really do much besides trade it for MintMe!! If you are interested in taking TELT to its full advantage please don't hesitate!

Post 2745

Don't forget you can easily move your CADT over to TELT on the BSC, from there you are free to move it back and forth from the BSC to FTM and vice versa, to take advantage of the best DeFi apps and lowest fees! We are planning listings on major exchanges, and none of those support the Webchain or its assets, in order for us to make TELT as an amazing a foundation as we can we must move forward to bigger, better networks!

Post 2742

[h1]Interested in getting some TELT?[/h1][br] Join our Discord from this link and get 100 TELT for free!![br] Pick your choice of network Binance Smart Chain or Fantom Opera Network!![br] Telluric Foundation Discord!

Post 2658

We have now also built a token on the Fantom Opera Network! Not only are they completely decentralized and safe, but they also offer low fees like the Webchain! This mean that you are able to move your CADT to the Binance Smart Chain, and than move them to and from the Fantom Opera Network as you please, we have a nice user friendly dApp to get your CADT into TELT on the BSC and FTM ecosystem!

Post 2630

We have launched a Token Sale! 50,000 CADT is available for the price of 0.20 MintMe each! 75% of MintMe from the token sale is being used to reward our early adopters! 25% of the MintMe is being used to invest into other creators projects! Together we can raise CADT up beyond the MOON! Don't forget that ALL CADT is transferrable via our dApp to the Binance Smart Chain, where you can deposit your TELT directly into the contract and earn a healthy 5% APR!

Post 2575

Telluric has developed a MINE-ABLE BEP-20 TOKEN! That means you can easily mine TELT in order to gain more! Join our Discord to receive more details!

Post 2509

The other 25% of MintMe invested into the project will be used to invest in other active, promising projects here on the Webchain! By doing this not only are we able to help our adopters, but we are able to help other creators here on the Webchain! Together we can achieve greatness for all of us!

Post 2508

75% MintMe invested into the project, will be used to buy back MintMe via buy orders! On top of that, by investing MintMe directly into the project, by using our by and sell order, you are able to help us raise the price of CADT! In doing so, you will also help raise the price of TELT! As our price rises, especially with our Chainswap & Staking dApps you can make the absolute most of our current ecosystem!

Post 2507

Our Staking dApp is out in beta! You can now stake your TELT easily and securely via our web app! We are looking for users to test it using different machines and report their findings here please! This will allow you to seamlessly stake your TELT for 5% APR to earn more TELT! You will need to have TELT in your Metamask Wallet or Trust Wallet in order to use this web app! If you need instructions on how to add the Smart Chain to Metamask, or how to use the dApp please let us know!

Post 2458

Our web app for moving your CanadianToken to the Binance Smart Chain as Telluric Token is now in its beta! You can find the link to the web app in our Discord channel! The link to the Discord is:

Post 2450

I find amazing too, how Telluric is not just a project or a vision nor an outlook or a foundation, not just a crypto-asset, or a blockchain, we can literally enrich and change peoples lives all over the world, in places where others have thought it is not possible, all while collaborating from different parts as a single entity.

Post 2449

I also find it fascinating how looking back through history, people on complete opposite sides of the world were solving problems that presented themselves in such different ways with such similar methodologies, like the invention of the wheel, and other early inventions that created mass innovation for people long before mass communication.

Post 2448

One of the reasons I believe in cryptocurrency so much, is that it brings people from all over the world together, who likewise, never would have spoke or met.

Post 2432

Keep closing the gap! Thank you to all our super early adopters! Our Pancakeswap listing is live, we are developing a nice easy to use web app to make Chainswaps nice and easy! Lot's more great things coming! We hope to see you all in the Discord it is after all the easiest way to interact with our team!

Post 2420

Lotto Style Fee Distribution:​ There is another fee attached to every transaction of TELT, this is a fee of 2% and is distributed to the last transaction maker, this is done to promote transactions using TELT, and any supplementary contract transactions that interact with the TELT contract will also distribute this fee. By using TELT you will be rewarded on the next transaction and this carries the possibility of gaining more than your burn fee.

Post 2419

Deflationary Burn Fees:​ 3% of every transaction is removed from the total amount and burned directly from the total supply of TELT, this can be changed and will be subject to decentralized community voting, we will leave it up to the community to propose any changes to this fee.

Post 2418

Flexible Savings​: Adopters deposit TELT into the contract to earn up to date interest in the form of more TELT, this will cause the total supply of TELT to increase which may decrease the price but to combat this inflation source, Telluric have developed fair burn fees.

Post 2417

Tokenomics - Telluric Token (TELT) and Telluric Coin (TELC) - The Telluric Token is a deflationary crypto-token asset built on the Binance Smart Chain, powering the Telluric Project, and featuring:

Post 2416

Telluric believes so. Get ready for the revolution and potentially the most valuable cryptocurrency that will ever exist, the Telluric coin.

Post 2415

Are we ready for such a financial system now that we have global online connection between all individuals on earth and effectively self-generating online accountability systems for when things go wrong? Are we technologically mature enough now?

Post 2414

The final act in humanities freedom now remains to be seen, the establishment of a completely anonymous decentralized financial system solely based on agreements made between parties, devoid of reference to a central authority.

Post 2413

Indeed, such a financial system requires placing paramount trust in the individual and freedom from a central all seeing all controlling authority, but the same sentiments were echoed on July 4th, 1766 with the founding of America and on July 1st 1867 with the founding of Canada, and those experiments have gone very well indeed.

Post 2412

This represents a significant proportion of the world's population and it may be the key to unlock the true vision of Bitcoin’s founder Satashoi Nakamoto, an effective, productive financial system that is accessible for all and free of regulation that locks people out.

Post 2411

Only with a non-KYC DeX and novel fiat onboarding on top of a self-sustainable low energy blockchain can the world's unbanked and underbanked ever hope to benefit from the cryptocurrency revolution that is happening before our eyes.

Post 2410

We have upgraded our contract to Solidity 7+ and have redeployed to the Binance Smart Chain! We are now live on Pancakeswap! You can purchase Telluric Token (TELT) - You can provide Liquidity and earn Pancakeswap LP Tokens to stake at our upcoming Pancakeswap Farm here -

Post 2375

Our Discord link is don't forget everyone who joins gets 300 CADT for free!

Post 2353

Due to bad actors on the MintMe (Webchain) taking advantage of exploits in the Webchains systems, we are asking all real supporters of CADT (Telluric Token (TELT)) and the Telluric Project to please join our Discord.

Post 2352

We will also only be providing instructions on how to transfer your CADT (Telluric Token (TELT)) to the Binance Smart Chain via our Discord and Telegram, this is being done to prevent the multiple accounts here from transferring out CADT (Telluric Token (TELT)) en masse and further devaluating the project!

Post 2351

Due to the rise of multiple accounts, people not actually following the rules of the airdrop, and the devaluation of our token and project as a whole because of the multiple accounts dumping CADT (Telluric Token (TELT)) for next to nothing, we will be doing further airdrops via Discord and Telegram! Commencing now, anyone who joins the Telluric Token Discord will get 300 CADT for free!

Post 2346

A new Airdrop has been started! The first 125 people to participate will receive 300 CADT for free! Don't forget we have rebranded to Telluric Token (TELT) so when you are talking about us mention our new name!

Post 2320

Telluric Token is now available on PancakeSwap, that allows to trade it for BNB, and any token avbl. on smart chain (including binance-pegged coins like btc or ltc) trade at this address : and provide liquidity here :

Post 2315

We are working diligently and quickly to bring you an easy to use program to quickly, efficiently, and easily move your CADT to the Binance Smart Chain for Telluric Token! We will release a link to the download of this program here with full instructions! Those seeking a custodial transfer are asked to join the Discord or await our Telegram! We are also open to any other lines of communication our community would like to use to communicate directly with our team!

Post 2314

Once you have the Binance Smart Chain connected to Metamask you can add our token to Metamask following this guide Our contract address is 0xf11fb2573523D5aE54636b19b1743CfAad9cFCE5 doing this will add Telluric Token on the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask Wallet, this will also enable you to interact with most Web3 dApps doing this is the easiest way for us to maintain our deepest core value that you should never be anything but a hash!

Post 2313

We are now live on Pancake Swap allows for easy swapping between cryptocurrencies using Metamask! A tutorial on how to connect the Binance Smart Chain to Metmask is available here - Help with these guides can be found in our Discord server!

Post 2310

We feel that the Binance Smart Chain is a better home for Telluric Token (TELT) than the Webchain because it severly limits what we are able to do with our Token, we are unable to build custom any contract functions, we were also not able to build any staking functioning, there was no possible way for us to enable our lotto style fee distribution.

Post 2309

You can view the new Telluric Token contract address here on the Binance Smart Chain!

Post 2308

This decision was based mainly on several factors including, the low defi ecosystem here on the WebChain, the branding CanadianToken (CADT) was being confused greatly with Canadian Dollar Stablecoins, and that is not what we are, we are more than just a token, we are an entire defi project, with a vision, a real, pure decentralized financial system, we are building up to and developing constantly on a NON-KYC Verified AMM Exchange, our own Decentralized Telluric Blockchain, and much more!

Post 2307

This is amazing news for everyone who has adopted CADT super early! Being able to directly transfer your CADT for TELT on the Binance Smart Chain means that all of your CADT will never be lost and can be moved to other chains and defi ecosystems as we are further adopted! This will go inline with our listings coming on Pancakeswap and Bakeryswap! More information is currently available in our Discord server as our social pages are also undergoing rebranding!

Post 2306

We have made a major decision in the future of CADT, we have decided to rebrand ourselves as Telluric Token (TELT). We feel this better ultimately encompasses our vision as a project! Our website is being rebranded as such and will be delayed, our Discord server is also being rebranded and all of our information about our token! What this means for the MintMe CanadianToken is simply we have developed a bridge to move your CanadianToken from MintMe (Webchain) to the Binance Smart Chain!

Post 2300

We have applied to be listed on Pancakeswap and Bakeryswap! These listing should be approved within the next week! More details are to follow, along with our website!

Post 2297

Please join our Discord server to get easy to use instructions and guided assistance with moving your tokens from the MintMe (Webchain) to the Binance Smart Chain!

Post 2296

Our Outlook - As Centralization and Regulation make a squeeze on the DeFi ecosystem our team believes in the core values of an anonymous, decentralized financial system. We are developing constantly to bring chains together and allow adopters to move their tokens and assets freely around different networks. It is our belief that in doing so we will be able to help the DeFi world escape the grasp of centralization and regulation!

Post 2257

Another Airdrop has been started! This one is for 500 Canadian Token! Preceding the release of our Website, you are able to join our Discord server to speak with the Founder of Canadian Token, to view how to add MintMe (Webchain) to Metamask, and to view how to transfer your CADT from MintMe to the Binance Smart Chain!

Post 2246

We have finished the non-custodial bridge from the MintMe network to the Binance Smart Chain! You will be able to move your tokens freely between the MintMe (Webchain) and the Binance Smart Chain!

Post 2239

With less than 24 hours left until our website debuts! We are happy to announce that our Token is officially minted on the Binance Smart Chain! You can view the contract address here! 0x7Ee4fA247B731A723E1f3cE9FCf959F004338ada this signals another major step forward for Canadian Token!

Post 2186

This is it guys! Our website is almost finished! We have ended our super early adopter period and are moving forward! The MintMe entry price has been raised to match our initial market entry price! The new entry price is 300 MintMe! Stay tuned for our website within the next 48 hours!

Post 2139

With the rapid advancement of CADT, our development of the ability to bridge to other networks, and our addition of staking, farming and our deflationary and adopter reward model we have revised our MintMe (WebChain) entry price point to 25 MintMe, this will also allow our super early adopters to make the most of their existing CADT Sell Order on the MintMe (WebChain) exchange as we move forward!

Post 2137

Our dApp and website are still in active development and will be brought to you all shortly! It will include and feature complete ease of use for all adopters of CADT, including the easy interpolation between different chains, to allow you to move CADT out to different wallets and into a wallet for yourself to use all of CADT's amazing features!

Post 2136

This in itself separates CADT and will greatly lead to the rising valuation of CADT as it is adopted! As we further our development of CADT we will also create more bridges to other networks! The Bridge to/from the MintMe Blockchain (Webchain) is still in development! Upon this being finished you will be able to move your CADT to any ERC-20 based Wallet, Binance Smart Chain based wallet or any TRC-20 based wallet!

Post 2135

Interpolation - CADT token is a completely bridged token between Ethereum MainNet, Binance Smart Chain and the Tron Network, what this means for adopters is that you are not limited to only one Blockchain with CADT, as adopters you are able to freely move your CADT between Ethereum, BSC and Tron allowing for the most flexible dApp ecosystem, and economic ecosystem to be built for CADT!

Post 2134

Farming - You are able to Plant your CADT for dynamic APR yielded daily for various other Cryptocurrency tokens and coins. Rates are dynamic and rewards for adopters are yielded daily, Farming is similar to staking but you are able to reap the benefits of farming CADT across many different coins and tokens. The full list of farmable tokens/coins is still to be announced!

Post 2133

Staking - You are able to Stake your CADT directly in our dApp for dynamic APR based on the current value of CADT! As adopters who stake CADT you are able to earn more CADT at a stable rate and redeem at any time! This is apart of our value generating model for adopters, Staking APR is based on the value of CADT vs total supply.

Post 2132

Lottery Style Fee Rewards - The other half of the Transaction fee is redistributed to an active adopter of CADT, it is distributed to the last transaction maker of CADT, giving each person who actively sends CADT for anything the chance to gain rewards after every transaction.

Post 2131

Deflationary - There is a small transanction fee placed on every transaction while sending Canadian Token, in order too keep our token from inflating into nothing half of each transaction fee is burned from the total supply of CADT.

Post 2130

Canadian Token has seen its first round of amazing developments since bringing our Token to the MintMe Blockchain! Since its official minting we have delivered heavily on our promise for a token that will valuate greatly over time! Our developments are: We have developed a Solidity Contract based on the real core values of the Canadian Token team and outlook they are to follow in the next posts!

Post 2045

We have allocated 764,000 CADT for our Marketing and Development fund! The remaining 4,000,000 CADT have been listed at a new price point of 0.75 CADT! This is in line with our website going live within the next few days!

Post 2042

We have decided to revise our idea to list the majority of the MintMe minted CADT on the exchange for sale to the public and instead have decided to use some of the MintMe minted to promote our community and get the public more involved with the idea of CADT! In the next coming days our social pages and Discord group will feature CADT giveaways for invites and for helping us gain exposure! We are also planning many more airdrops!

Post 2026

Our website is almost complete! Our website will feature a web wallet for ease of use for our early adopters and will also feature an Exchange where you can exchange CADT for any of the following trading pairs BTC/CADT - ETH/CADT - LTC/CADT - DOGE/CADT - RVN/CADT - IRIS/CADT - XLM/CADT - TRX/CADT Once our website is finished with our Web Wallet and Exchange we will again increase the entry price point that we list on MintMe to 0.75 MintMe per CADT!

Post 2017

We are now officially minted on the MintMe blockchain! This means that you can now withdraw CADT to your wallets! This is a major step on our Roadmap and signifies our first price increase! We have decided to increase the price jump from 0.1 MintMe per token to 0.5 MintMe per token to bring the greatest profit to super early adopters and keep this next steps entrance point low!

Post 1942

We have started another Airdrop! This one will give all participants 500 CADT! Thank you all for the support so far during our development we wouldn't have made it this far without you all!

Post 1941

You can now follow and share our Facebook page! Doing so will allow us more super early adopters before we make the push to the MintMe Blockchain later today!

Post 1938

Once we hit the MintMe blockchain, we will raise our price point from 0.1 MintMe to 0.25 MintMe. This will help to increase our overall price, and allow us to increase our super early adopters CADT Team MintMe Buybacks price!

Post 1937

We are going to be on the MintMe Blockchain within 24 hours! This is our first massive step for our early adopters! We will continuously work to raise the value of CADT and bring more exciting news and developments in the days and weeks to come!

Post 1910

Post 1893

We are happy to announce that in under 24 hours since we have teamed with with the BSC Development team we have our token already listed on the BSC Testnet! You can view the Testnet token at Our social pages and community Discord channel will be available to the public within 48 hours! Our Token is being extensively tested via the BSC Testnet!

Post 1884

Development has started on the official CADT Binance Smart Chain Token and initial development costs have been paid! We are working now heavily on getting our social networks going, and getting our community together to build our following as we build our Token!

Post 1874

We have decided that having our Tokens, and our features created on the Binance Smart Chain this will allow all adopters of CADT to choose how they want to use CADT and they goals they want to achieve whether it be trading, saving or HODLing. The Binance Smart Chain will allow us to achieve all of these goals including mass interpolation! Here is to the future of CADT and moving forward as an economic, profitable community!!!!

Post 1873

After extensive talks with Polkadot Developers, EOS Developers, ERC20 and Solidity Develops, TRC20 Developers and the Binance development team we have decided to move all of our development efforts have having Canadian Token (CADT) created on the Binance Smart Chain, this decision has been made after extreme analysis of the current market trends, the future of the cyrptocurrency market and our outlook for Canadian Token to be for everyone instead of a certain niche.

Post 1828

The last of the MintMe tokens to be posted on the MintMe trading platform by the CADT team has been officially released. This has been done to get as much of the 10,000,000 MintMe minted CADT out to people as possible. When CADT drops first on the Ethereum blockchain at a total supply of 100,000,000 they will be mine-able. All MintMe CADT will be transferred at a 1:1 ratio to the ETH Mainnet. As CanadianChain continues development, all CADT tokens from other chains will be moved at 1:1 ratios.

Post 1759

Post 1686

With the news of our own Blockchain being developed many are left wondering well what about MintMe, and why are you still here? That answer is simple, once the CanadianToken launches on our own CanadianChain we are offering 1:1 transferrence of all MintMe issued CanadianTokens to verified users!

Post 1685

Post 1684

We have reached out to the Binance Smart Chain development team, several ERC-20, and TRC-20 developers in order to bring the highest level of interpolation possible! We have finally received the last teams feedback and are happy to announce it is full steam ahead with our own Blockchain!

Post 1662

Post 1661

The first Airdrop has ended! We have started a new Airdrop which will now give each person who participates 100 FREE CADT!

Post 1589

We have released 50,000 Canadian Token for public trading this has been done to get us on the Blockchain! There will be timed releases to public trading at a set value to come as interest and the community builds!

Post 1587

We have released 50% of all tokens at time of creation with the rest set to be released over the next 10 years to preserve the value and achieve our goal of becoming a long term savings asset minted on the Blockchain! By releasing 50% of the total volume at creation, at locking the rest away in timed releases until 10 years have passed we are enable to ensure a fair market capitalization and allow our value to build long term as intended.

Post 1586

Our first Air Drop is LIVE!

Post 1585

We are preparing to start listing and air dropping coins to users! Please do not list Canadian Token for low amounts! We are aiming to peg it as close to $1 as possible to ensure our users and community get the best value possible for their tokens!

Post 1348

Post 1085

We have decided to create this token after having many talks with regular Canadians who are interested in being apart of a decentralized, egalitarian, free trade market Globally. Phase 1 of Canadian Token is gauging interest inside the global market and building a real world value with our community of those looking to do business worldwide and save for their future and their children's futures without prying regulatory bodies.

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