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A Cluster can be obtained in a few ways. The most noticeable is performing tasks on the Nostalgia platform and earning points. Those points are directly linked to actives in the gaming industry and were created with the intention of putting the power back in the gamers hands. Gamers spend the most valuable asset, time! In return they should be rewarded back the worth of their time. Clusters seek to change the way we think in the industry striving for interlinked currencies between games much like crypto currency itself. These currencies would revolve around a central exchange each varying based on its difficulty and time consumption. On the other hand the platform provides a way for content creators to offer REAL rewards to their fan base. The currency will continue to evolve with the Technologies brough forward of the CryptoVerse and executed by Nostalgia as our chosen outlet & partnership. Join us on Discord and get in on the conversation!

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[h3]Earn points that can be easily exchanged into Cluster on our website![/h3] [url=][/url] These tasks reinforce the foundation that Cluster is built on rewarding you for your time and doing what you love most!

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