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This token can be used to reward content creators. We need more content creators and this token will try to support other content creators. You can send this token to your friends who like to create interesting posts.

Created on:
08 Sep 2022
Release period:
0 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
10 000 000.0000
Not yet released:
Wallet on exchange:
248 240.0000
Active orders:
1 523 446.0000
3 000.0000
Sold on the market:
9 648 988.3137
Direct buy volume:
545 236
Latest News
13:05:12 12 May, 2023

A big thank you goes to TheEmpress for supporting our token. Please visit, . Have a nice day!

13:04:12 14 Apr, 2023

but we'll need to sell those tokens whose creators are not supporting our token.

15:03:03 24 Mar, 2023

Probably they will never be deployed. We can still buy and sell them. Leave a comment here along with the tokens which have not been deployed yet and you are trying to sell.