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Dance and music tokens are aimed at dance and music lovers. Of course, investors are the ones who support this initiative. Dancers and musicians are the ones who create content. The dance and music show has been running for over six years. It is already popular on several platforms. This dance and music show is aimed at people over 18. Videos should be at least one minute long. You need to share a dance or music video and not a picture. The dance and music show runs at . These are our supporters: - Not deployed yet You can also trade our token at . Please visit, . 🌟 100 Dance and Music Tokens 🌟 For all you superstars out there, if the video you're sharing AND the performance in that video are entirely your own creation, we're rewarding you with dazzling 100 Dance and Music Tokens! It's time to shine like the star you are! 🌟 50 Dance and Music Tokens 🌟 Suppose the video you're sharing is yours, but the performance featured in it belongs to another artist. Not to worry! You still get to take home 50 Dance and Music Tokens for sharing your creativity and passion. 🌟 10 Dance and Music Tokens 🌟 Even if both the video and the performance don't belong to you, we want you to be part of the fun. By participating in our show, you'll still earn 10 Dance and Music Tokens. It's all about celebrating the art and the community. You can use the "Buy from creator" option if you like to support the Dance and music project. Thank you! P.S. Support our dance and music token if you like to support this show.

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04 Jul 2021
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Latest News
14:10:13 03 Oct, 2023

Hi, music and dance enthusiasts! I'm happy to announce that the Dance and Music project, hosted at, is flourishing at an unprecedented pace, thanks to your incredible support! πŸš€ However, I believe that together, we can make it soar even higher. I'm here to share some exciting ways you can give your support and be part of this incredible musical journey. πŸ•Ί Join the Dance and Music Show Week 323! πŸ’ƒ Are you a talented dancer or musician? Here's your chance to shine! I invite you to participate in Dance and Music Show Week 323. Please read the full post at . #danceandmusictoken #dance #music #danceandmusicshow

15:10:46 02 Oct, 2023

Dear dance and music token lovers Your post does not need to be about dance and music but of course, you will receive more Dance and music tokens if you create a dance or music post. How to receive Dance and music tokens: You need to create a post on your token page. In the post share your deposit address along with #danceandmusictoken Use your deposit address and not any other wallet address. Have a nice day!

14:10:57 02 Oct, 2023

Dear dance and music lovers Yesterday afternoon I found myself immersed in the lively rhythms of Samba, surrounded by a community of passionate dancers. The energy in the room was great, and laughter filled the air as we moved to the beat. It's incredible how the joy of dance can warm even the chilliest of days. Speaking of weather, can you believe it's the beginning of October and the weather is still so mild? Mother Nature seems to be granting us an extended autumn, and I couldn't be happier about it. The crisp air, and the rustle of leaves underfoot – it's the perfect backdrop for spontaneous outdoor adventures. In the spirit of embracing this unexpected mild weather, I stumbled upon a video from four years ago that perfectly captures the essence of my love for dance and nature. For the full post please visit, . #dance #music #danceandmusic #fun #relaxation