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Deepest Faith Ministries Prays to remove hard earned Christian assets, from falling into the work of the adversary by creating a new asset held by Christians for Christians and for the Purpose of Christ to help others..The only mission of Deepest Faith Ministries...Helping the Name, Love and Affection of Christ. My Name is Pastor Tim Casey, I, and Our Ministry and Coin can Be found on Facebook. as of 1.21.21, and afterward on or Gab, and Bitchute. Christ's word cannot be censored by men. God Bless You for Making "Faithcoin" the Number one Christian Crypto in THE WORLD! 10,000,000 coins released over 10 Years Round 5 Sales Start Now (LAST ROUND) at around 1.48 Mintme EACH. Buy Early, Price goes up, Availability goes Down. Private Investors can IM Me on Face Book live at or reach me at .Our Initial Crowdfunding. Now that we have launched on Blockchain will be invested as follows, 35% in BTC Vaulted assets, 35 % in Mining / purchase Operations of DOGE, ETH, VRSC,RVN, EMC2 and MINTME to perpetuate and build an extensive solar powered mining operation to indefinitely support God's work, reinvesting 50% of those assets and 50% to a general fund which will start with an initial 15%....Remaining 15% will cover admin, Marketing, and Contests......The success you your own, In Christ name. Selah, Hallelu - JAH Faithcoin Rewards Update: Here is The Newly revised Rewards Schedule: Current mining monthly avg's are rising again per mo,. HOLD 15,000-No sell listing- 1.5% Monthly; 30,000 No sell listing- 3% monthly; 99,999 No sell listing -10% Monthly ; 777,777 No sell listing 20% monthly; 999,999 No sell listing 25% Monthly

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Helium Miner #1 -1 month

FAITHCOIN Mining rewards

all sellers will lose big time when this arrives


Now MINING rewards Should explode, Keep selling and losing money


and this


we've acquired one of these and one of another


OUR Only 2 hodlers will receive a Huge bonus In July for their loyalty


FAITHCOIN is a staking coin


The last 2 times I paid rewards in doge, , It tripled overnight, this time bought 1000 to pay rewards with

April Rewards


Helium Miner HNT acquired for May delivery

New faithcoin Merchandise and I have 3 coupons,

Rewards Requirements Change 06.11.21 (Faithcoins Birthday)


Faithcoin is a staking coin, to earn MINING PROFIT SHARES, We currently MINE approximately $150-200 of Crypto each and every month, Our Equipment is upgraded regularly and Grows, if Not currently Holding an earning share, now is the only time to buy low ever again,,BUY NOW or forever be left out


Trading Faithcoin




Post 2979

Our next Mining purchase this week

Post 2978

$5800 to our goal $100 a week bounty to the Highest Hodler who purchases "From Source" to support Effort, The Goal: 21 dual xeons mining veruscoin at 640mh/s

Post 2968

Currently at $285 a Month

Post 2967

When Our Mining rewrds are a share of $1000 a Month, THEN You Will WANT To Buy, But the price, will have gone up again by then.

Post 2966

Faithcoin Hodlers need to raise $5880 to make THIS A Reality, and I'm putting up a $100 cash Bounty to the Highest Hodlers when we reach that goal, THAT's RIGHT $100 CASH, Buy Now before Price rises...again

Post 2965

Future Mining EffortsTHIS is The goal [img] [/img]

Post 2962

@Smile and @Shumbody Please list the desired coin and addrress for Rewards MARCH payouts to be distibuted. Consider..Doge , It's on the move AGAIN

Post 2960

Mining profits for Month March- 2021, Payouts Smile- $6.30 , Shumbody- $2.10 , remainder of Mining profits remain in house again, and AGAIN will be put into BTC Vault. Except for The Upcoming sale of the Week reward $50 in Hard Cold Cash...details coming soon

Post 2955

[ol] Current Mining Rewards Earned Profit Hour: $0.29 Day: $6.96 Week: $48.71 Month: $208.75 Year: $2,539.80 [/ol]

Post 2699

I find it extremely amusing people don't understand staking , and highly valuable, The Foundation KEEPS all Unclaimed rewards..Forever

Post 2363

We have currently 2 Hodlers, that get 4.5% of mining rewards, leaving 95.5% ,,,for the foundation to reinvest, do I care if you don't buy Faithcoin...No.....Not at all...NOT at all. Please, don't eat none of this

Post 2295


Post 2264

AN AIRDROP OF CASH $25 COLD HARD CASH (USDC) , 25 Faithcoin , and 25 MM To The Top Buyer of The Week !!! GUARANTEED Ending 3/10/21/ MIDNite UTC[url=][/url]

Post 2262

They don't call me Brutal Preacher for Nothing...If your'e being stupid,,,I'll tell ya...

Post 2255

Rewards will only be paid out to @Shumbody @Smile and The Final " Mystery REWARD" will be split between those two, because you didn't listen...To God and They did .

Post 2183

The Next Move is To now,,,while the price is low...last call....March 1st til midnight

Post 2112

With the market crashing so too, have the mining rewards, stay tuned though , I'll still get you paid

Post 2070

As the price is driven higher , it becomes more difficult to become a top holder, gaining the benefit of MONTHLY staking and Mining rewards. Get faithcoin. While you still can. March 1st it will rise to 77.7mm

Post 2057


Post 2055


Post 2041

Samuel's sons did not walk in his ways. "Now appoint a king ."But when they said this, it displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the LORD. The LORD told him: "Listen to the people , it is not you they reject, but me as their king, Since the day I brought them out of Egypt til this day, forsaking me for other gods, warn them, ." He told all the words of the LORD to the people who were asking him for a king. He said, "The king who will reign over you will take your sons.

Post 2040

He'll take your daughters . He will take your fields, vineyards & olive groves. He'll take your grain , Your men &maidens, best of your cattle for his own use,a tenth of your flocks, & YOU yourselves will be his slaves. When that day comes, you'll cry out for relief , the LORD will not answer you then." But they refused "We want a king" When Samuel heard all they said, he repeated it before the LORD. The LORD answered, "Listen, & give them a king."

Post 2036

Proverbs 13:11 ESV Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.

Post 2029

The Huge End Of Month Sale proceeds will be used to more than Double stake rewards by building a New awesome rig, which I will document with vids as we go..

Post 2024


Post 2013

The Best way to earn Real BTC with a Capable gaming system [url=][/url]

Post 2009


Post 1898

You Get paid in the Crypto you want, according to Our Mining rewards schedule

Post 1896

Just a reminder and for new investors, Our Newly revised Rewards Schedule: Current rewards $155 a month LVL 1:10,000 No sell listing- 1% Monthly, LVL 2: 15,000 No sell Listing-1.5% Monthly, LVL 3 30,000 No sell listing- 3% monthly, LVL 5: 77,777 No sell listing -10% Monthly, LVL6: 99,999 No sell listing- 15% monthly, LVL 7 : 777,777 No sell listing 20% monthly, and LVL 8: 999,999 No sell listing 25% as shared mining profits increase (made possible by sales ), so too are your rewards increased

Post 1854

Post 1852

Once unlocked WE pay dividends in Cryptos You WANT of YOUR choice. A Truly Unique community, that cannot be manipulated, because I watch over God watches over Me. You may make a Buck or two, but you lose out big time...Don't believe me...ask @Smile

Post 1851

Now Mining Sugar chain, I already had around 1400 from a Year ago, when I mined for days with friends. Just listed on Coin Market Cap. It's on The Move

Post 1843


Post 1837

Post 1836

Apparently everyone except for @Smile, is not bright enough to understand how this works..That's good. The Foundation keeps it all.

Post 1797

Did You think I don't have Millions more???

Post 1785


Post 1733

Faithcoin Mined 25984.12529948 SCHO Overnight , and just mined 53+ curve in about an hour, We're building assets that will grow ALL of Our futures

Post 1726

But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever." —Psalm 52:8

Post 1706

Post 1692

We Hit 3 VRSC blocks today..woohoo! @SMILE let me know if Wallet finishes syncing, I will kick you some of that too, it's up to $0.41 per coin right now

Post 1680

If You ARE NOT Staking Faithcoin, You are the one losing HUGE.

Post 1679

Post 1677

@SMILE I paid it all in Doge this time, because it's has been on the move, pray it grows for you like mine did, oh and the mintme bonus

Post 1664

You MUST Be A Top Holder to be eligible for a slice of next 2 secret bonus monthly rewards, with absolutely ZERO sell orders- a Top Holder is range is 77,777-999999. Everyone missed. But @Smile supported and has zero sell orders to this day. And I take care of Good people

Post 1663

@SMILE Please Post Mintme, VRSC, and a DOGE wallet addresses to receive Monthly Reward

Post 1651

The market manipulators will not only receive NO rewards they will be countered at every move, every day, and Their own accounts manipulated in like Kind...I have a grand to play with,,,and 2 million faithcoin..try me

Post 1650

Congrats to @SMILE the only reward recipient again for the second time in a row....You folks don't listen to good huh?

Post 1633

Post 1632

Proverbs 13:11 ESV Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.

Post 1631

Proverbs 20:21 ESV An inheritance gained hastily in the beginning will not be blessed in the end.

Post 1630


Post 1628

I will really enjoy reinvesting al rewards each month as rewards are not complied with, THAT will grow us faster than sales, and I'll just keep increasing price with each new Influx of Mining Profits

Post 1627

You may make a Profit selling Faithcoin....and lose a fortune

Post 1622

As a consolation I will reward Faithcoin and Mintme to Our Highest Holder with Zerossales orders again, @Smile... Is He The Only REAL Supporter? I think so. Once again, ONLY He will see WE PAY OUT

Post 1621

I want to thank You all for NOT complying with rewards this month , because of Your lack to Hodl as required and end all sell orders, I get to keep the $1000 bonus secret reward [imp][/img]

Post 1616

The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Post 1615

Just a reminder Today is the last day You can have a sell order listed and be eligible for FEB Rewards Program. I'll be checking list at Midnight ....DONT BE ON IT.

Post 1596


Post 1595

Do not let my heart be drawn to any evil thing or take part in works of wickedness with men who do iniquity; let me not feast on their delicacies. 5Let the righteous man strike me; let his rebuke be an act of loving devotion. It is oil for my head; let me not refuse it. For my prayer is ever against the deeds of the wicked.…

Post 1594


Post 1588

Because of Christ I AM

Post 1564

Post 1559

Isaiah 40: 31 But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Post 1557

Post 1556

Post 1555

Post 1521

But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever." —Psalm 52:8

Post 1520

I've been saying for days on end to Buy, that time window is narrowing to get Faithcoin inexpensively, and if You don't believe me, look at the charts.

Post 1518

Having Faith: Doing something, Reaching out, farther than is comfortable for a Goal. Faithcoin pays proven monthly Rewards to Hodlers, as Investment Rises, so too has the Mining efforts, but they cease to grow when sellers stagnate the price moves, costing YOU rewards. so keep it low, I'll just buy it all back and keep all rewards in house until someone besides @Smile understands

Post 1517

Proverbs 2:11,12 Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: …

Post 1516

For The Newbies, This coin is all about Faith, In Dec we only made $24.50 in Mining, I paid out over that amount in VRSC and EMC2, plus a Faithcoin Bonus of 10% to Smile. He was The Top Holder. January Mining efforts were Better (approx $70 right now). But there is now a "HODL Schedule" to receive these rewards min 77,777 for 10%, 99,999 for 12% , 777,777 for 20% , 999,999 for 25% monthly and You cannot have a sell order posted at all for every day of The Month in Question.

Post 1515

Still a 2o,ooo Faithcoin Bounty for whomever Knocks @MDYS off The Trading Board plus a special bonus I won't say. he is actively blocking the project development for personal gain. And that's okay, but eventually his loss

Post 1514

Great, It's now Impossible for anyone to reach 77,777 (without a Major Investment of Over $700 )and not have a sell order by February, so I'll keep all mining rewards in House AGAIN. as long as No one complies, every single coin mined, stays in House, and zero rewards are paid Out, It pays To hold in excess of 77,777 Faithcoin every Month, but Only If You Hodl. and The schedule is posted, and goes up to 25% of monthly earnings shared

Post 1508

We currently avg around $70 USD Monthly Mining VRSC and SCRYPT into EMC2, We plan to add a GPU rig in near future, along with another dual xeon 24 core miner unit on VRSC

Post 1507

77,777 is the Minimum Balance with No sales Listed to receive Mining Rewards, No one is even close, so I Keep them , buy back coins, eventually, your gonna wish you took the Bounty on @MDYS , and I'll still give a 20,000 coin bonus to whoever takes him off the board. Grab them NOW!

Post 1506

Long term Goal for 2021 [url=][/url]

Post 1505

@MDYS is about to make his $100 and Lose MILLIONS, I'm gonna buy him

Post 1499

Our Goal in february is to add 1 rx 6800 to verus mining efforts [url=][/url]

Post 1485

Post 1484


Post 1481

Just asked Elon Musk to invest, By the Grace of God, pray He will. Selah, HalleluJah

Post 1467

To whom much is given , MUCH "Faithcoin" will be required

Post 1466

HODL Just 99,999 minimum and receive 10% of Monthly ETH, VRSC(staking & mining), SCRYPT Mining Rewards...see full schedule below for details. We've proven We're Mining and we've proven we pay. why aren't you getting paid yet?

Post 1465

@SMILE still the Only member of community eligible to Receive Mining Rewards. You folks don't like getting paid? What's wrong with you.....????

Post 1462

The quicker Our ETH Mining Rig is Up, The quicker You receive Monthly ETH Rewards.

Post 1460

If You Have a Listing To Sell, You can NEVER receive Reward Bonuses.

Post 1449

It pays to Hodl Faithcoin. Have Faith, It's Faithcoin, ask @SMILE

Post 1448

Post 1444

If seeking to make a quick buck, you may, However, We are a Faith centered "COIN MINING" Community. SELLERS of Faithcoin are NOT eligle for Rewards...ever. ONLY Those Holding, and The Highest among Them (in excess of 50,000are eligible). So sell as You like, Because WE PAY Our SUPPORTERS BACK!!!!

Post 1440

And Only The best supporters will receive them.

Post 1439

When one stagnates The coin price, It stops all rewards, for in Growth of Mining operations longterm is where we Grow 100-10000 fold

Post 1438

While they last anyways.

Post 1437

Great Deal on Avalon 741= 7.3 TH/s on BTC,BCH for under $170 from Our affiliate on website [url=][/url]

Post 1432

Shares of Other coins (ETH, VRSC, EMC2) from Monthly Mining Operations can only pay out to Highest supporters of faithcoin, Holders in excess of 50,000.... Ask @Smile about it.

Post 1431

Ask @Smile ....I payout!

Post 1430

Now $70 bonus to wipe him off exchange.

Post 1429

Matching all "Buy Portal" purchases from House for next 7 days and The Bounty to wipe out @MDYS off exchange is up to 30,000 Faithcoin and 2 Bonus coins have been added as secret bonus.

Post 1426

For The next 7 days I will match Your House Purchase of Faithcoin. Time to Buy

Post 1424

So essentially a $50 Bonus to wipe this guy off exchange...who's down ????

Post 1423

This would also give someone a substantial edge going back into mining round Rewards for The Month of February, which as it stands right now, are suspended because of Him.

Post 1422

Thanks to all who broke up orders to facilitate price movement, You're actually helping your cause and whoever buys out @MDYS will get a special reward...he Now has a 20,000 Bounty on his coins, Buy Him out, get him off exchange, and You win , will award up to 4 people conjunctively 5,000 each.

Post 1420

The ONLY way to support Project is through "BUY" Portal since @MDYS has clogged the lane of selling, I'll let y'all sort him out, the price will never ever go down again

Post 1419

No Buy orders under 33 will ever be filled By the House after the Blockage of sales......None.

Post 1418

Exactly 2 355 292.6717 Faithcoin is all that will ever be produced, contract ceased to release Mintme has given no support, I own 2.2 Million an d They will be sold sparingly, after careful consideration, I will let you all feast on yourselves, No more will be placed on Market, ever. and as long as jerks block development, no further mining rewards will be payed out, but instead kept to expand operations while morons block sales.

Post 1417

@MDYS with 7.7 Million coins never to be released, it would make your holdings x20 in value to hold, but instead, You will shut down entire community? costing everyone? You are No Christian and I will shut it down to protect the Principle, because I've already lost access to 7.7 million which could be of tremendous gain to all, but you alone will crash the whole project with your stubborn listing. A Shame too, the rewards could have been plentiful for everyone, but for your arrogance and greed

Post 1416

I personally gave you profits, break the orders up now.

Post 1415

Last warning Break up orders or I delete Coin altogether.

Post 1414

EDVAN DE LIMA RODRIGUES of Brazil You have received Notice of actively Blocking Development of Project for Your personal gain, Project will shut down in 72 hours if No response, Killing all proceeds for everyone and I maintain all Mining Rewards and simply start over. Interesting You waited until after Blockchain launch to do so, and Now That Mintme cannot fix Dispersion of Coins, with your disruption of sales, and diminished amount available. It will save me money to just shut it all down.

Post 1413

@MDYS is actively Blocking House sales of Faithcoin to Kill Project, DO NOT BUY, If he does Not remove This Posting within 72 hours, I will delete coin, Killing project and everyone's investment To Kill His Investment completely. 24 hrs to respond, 72 hours to die, The Mining will pay for Me to start over and Reward Our BEST Supporter for His losses...So I care nothing for the rest who have only sought imediate gain...Don't think I will....TRY ME

Post 1404

There are now only 2.25 Million Faithcoin, No more can be generated, All that are on market is all there will ever be, I own roughly 1/3rd of all tokens, Meaning @Smile currently owns around 5 %, leaving only 62% - already sold 102,000 of all tokens, all Tokens literally just quadrupled in Total value, Please...sell them back to me cheap.

Post 1402

@Smile Received 5366 Faithcoin last night as His support award, and as soon as He Posts VRSC and EMC2 address, He will be $4 richer, Just for supporting community

Post 1394

You better buy fast and deep. Token Contract has ceased to issue hourly disbersement, currently consulting with Mintme, but as it stands right now, 7.777777 million FaITHCOIN MAY NEVER BE RELEASED, DRASTICALLY CHANGING MARKET VALUE

Post 1393

Our Next two rigs will be ethereum 3060ti rigs, and bonuses paid Out for Your support...but first, You have to support the Mining they can begin.

Post 1388

@Smile will receive shares 10% of Mining Rewards for January BY HIMSELF for his Unyielding support of Faithcoin's growth: 10 VRSC ($2.40) , 10 EMC2 ($0.95) + 10% of His Total "Faithcoin". Now...Don't you wish YOU had participated instead of Obstructing? God Blesses Those who help others grow in Him.

Post 1384

@Smile If You do Not already have one, Please create a Wallet for EMC2, and VRSC, The Veruscoin desktop will accept both, Please repost your "Faithcoin" (on Mintme) , EMC2, & VRSC Wallet addresses, labeled for each here to receive Your Montly Bonus for january. God will truly Bless you in time for Hodling "Faithcoin". I personally guarantee anyone that does, will be greatly blessed by The Lord

Post 1377

@Smile will be The Only Recipient Of a Faithcoin Bonus (10% of Holdings), and another Special Bonus coin TBA, We made excess Mining profits, But Only Our best Supporters will receive these..when God says so.

Post 1376

@MDYS is gonna make $110 off of Faithcoin, While the rest of us, become Millionaires, Because I will never allow him or @Elfrom to buy it again. This is about each other helping each other, and actively blocking the sales of Faithcoin isn't god faith. Hope you enjoy your quick profits, The Mining profits (which were going to be a BONUS for You), will now be used to buy Faithcoin all back. You're just screwing everyone. I expect you to make a profit, but not Kill The community

Post 1355

Purchasing and hodling "Faithcoin" Has Many benefits as @Smile will soon be privy to and give testimony of. We MINE OTHER Coins and Give away Faithcoin, MintMe, VRSC & EMC2, ETH. You never know what I'll do o any given day when The Lord says MOVE.

Post 1353

Under 48 hours on contest...BUY BUY BUY!

Post 1352

Seeking Miners to donate time to Mining on Faithcoin, through either purchase on direct mining, comment her if interested.

Post 1342

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.

Post 1341

Our primary Social Media will be moving to Gab, and Parler as of 1.21.21 , The last day of The Constest Only 2 days remain and looks like @Smile smashed EVERYONE, but there's still time.....for You?

Post 1330

@Smile has been a strong supporter of FaithCoin, Let's Get Smile coin in the top 20 trading, If everyone goes and buys a little smile, it will happen. Smile and make the World a Happier place.

Post 1329

Currently leading Scrypt EMC2 mining Our operation is expanding [url=][/url]

Post 1322

Post 1321

In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

Post 1320

Last Call...3 days remain before supply on market halves, Buy now or miss out

Post 1307

Just added discord link if interested in discussing where we go from here.

Post 1306

Our eventual Goal

Post 1305

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Post 1303

Faithcoin is designed and mapped to go to 777 mintme per Faithcoin, so please, sell them back to me cheap, by all means, I'll cover your $100, to convert to $2 million

Post 1302

4 Days remaining til Supply halves and Bonuses awarded @Smile still leads by a Longshot, still behind me though

Post 1298

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Post 1297

5 Days before supply halves, Buy now, SMILE Still in the lead.

Post 1296


Post 1295

The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

Post 1294

The quicker current supply sells out, The quicker I develop Wallet and Prayer app. Mining Op to be added as well. Will be 4 24 core servers running on Monero. Long Term "FaithCoin" Holders will receive Random Bonuses in Both Faithcoin, BTC, ETH, Mintme, Monero and VRSC as we expand. Come grow your Faith and Your portfolio with us.

Post 1293

Stand still and Behold The Mighty Right Hand of The Lord

Post 1277

500 coin Bounty for New Investor referrals, must invest mintme Min Deposit of $61, both Buyer and referrer get bonus.

Post 1276

SMILE, Please Comment with Your unique Faithcoin Wallet Address in Wallet. If as of The 21st, You are still the leader, You will receive a bonus

Post 1275

I will likely Give Smile a Bonus anyways for Being The Number one Holder, and avid supporter of Coin and maintaining Price...When YOU Grow Our Community, I will Reward YOU!!!

Post 1274

If Faithcoin doesn't sell in Contest, I will still be The Top Holder, so the reward will remain In House. All sellers are selling to me anyways, and Because The Mining operations are expanding, That will be at a Tremendous LOSS. the Income from Mining alone will always Increase the Value of Faithcoin, because I will ALWAYS Buy It ALL Back, as I Can.

Post 1273

In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

Post 1269

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Post 1254

By all means sell them back to me, they'll never be this low again

Post 1253

No one Has yet Reached the Required amount to find out the amount of The Burn, I am surprised, will it ever be learned?

Post 1252

Post 1251

@Smile is in the Lead with over 52000 Faithcoin

Post 1214

Although it won't confirm with mintme Our Website is[url=][/url]

Post 1213

BIG BIG SALES EVENT, NOW Through 1.21.21 The Highest Holder of Faithcoin on The Charts as of Midnight will recieve a Huge Bonus...FREE of up to 10,000 Faithcoin

Post 1203

It would be wise to buy at 0.89 mintme, it will never be this low again. EVER

Post 1200

Post 1191

Post 1182

Post 1180

Post 1178

Post 1152

Post 1129

All Faithcoin is Now presold save what is left on balance sheet, Our New Investors have sold it Out. Zero new coins will be put on Market, save what is now there or In My personal Possession of 653,000

Post 1052

Post 1013

Post 1011

Post 1006

Current mining operations posted a net profit of $15.61 in December, as Faithcoin growsso too will mining operations, You can profit from or Sell early and cheap and lose big time, your choice, As stated in Introduction, as profits come in, they will be invested, undercutting coin price, will hurt that ability

Post 972

Once I pay out of My own Pocket to Launch on Blockchain The 1st of 2021 Faithcoin's availability will greatly be reduced...Hodl while you can

Post 905


Post 904


Post 878

Support "FaithCoin" at

Post 864

If Purchasing and undercutting token price to prevent it getting on Blockchain for an immediate profit at coin's expense, I will undercut Your price, until launch on Blockchain is achieved, Nothing personal, but You shouldn't be here to disrupt goals if you don't support coin's Future. Once launch occurs, I will likely buy them all back anyways.

Post 850

Post 844

Post 843

Almost 150,000 sold, and soon to launch on Blockchain...Please support "Faithcoin" and get'em while they're hot

Post 829

Almost 15000 sold, Blockchain Launch Imminent, get em while there cheap.

Post 792

Just Released over 1 Million "FaithCoin" below 1 mintme to achieve our Blockchain Launch. Please support Our cause!!!

Post 763

I donate back, Buying all tokens listed at lower than current price to keep price high, but need buyers to launch on chain. Couldn't you help and earn as You go. We have long term plans to mine Monero using Solar to generate a steady return on investment, and keep Christian Money OUT of nefarious hands. Buy FaithCoin TODAY..Still 10 for under a quarter!!!

Post 742

Just topped 5000 Faithcoin in Wallets around the globe, Only 50,000 more, and we can launch on Blockchain, get them while they are still low.

Post 650

FAITHCOIN has a special offer so we can launch on The Blockchain, Just released 777,000 at 1 Mintme per Faithcoin...Get em while THEIR HOT! Giving away 500 faithcoin this week with a Cryptocurrency seminar for $10 check my facebook page at

Top Holders