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Welcome to the DogSwap project. One of the leading projects on the MintMe Smart Chain. Looking for a great new opportunity? Buy some tokens and contact me! Remember - One Bark is not enough.

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Peppermint DEX

Awaiting our own DEX creation, I have deployed some liquidity on[p][/p] [p] 🌶 Peppermint [url=][/url] so you can swap the token there in the meanwhile.[/p] 🦴 People interested in helping out with the DogSwap exchange, there is a public Github [url=][/url] where you can see the current code! [p][/p] [p]This week I will try to update everything again with some probable fixes. 🐶[/p]

🐶 Website Update 🦴

The first steps of the website have been coded! I'm using a goosedefi (Pancakeswap) source and have made all files public on Github. 🐶 Still lots of coding need to be done and a lot of tweaking to ensure the swaps will be working. The listing fee to add a token will be 100 DogSwap tokens (which you then will be able to stake, exchange or hold) bought on Right now, you'll see a lot of bugs, old code & images and BNB leftovers, but don't worry! Anyone interested in collaborating or helping out with the code is totally welcome on Github or Discord 🦴 [p]Remember! One bark is not enough 🐶[/p]

DogSwap Pricing

A little update about the DogSwap pricing policy on the mintme platform. The fixed price of 5 MM per token is held and will always be the same. Not 5.5, not 0.5 but 5. Even if other dogs wish to sell under this value, as to this regulation, no other dog with good intentions or investor will ever feel scammed for lowering our price setting. This can result in a lower woofenomics distribution, but will forever be safe to hold. As to this, the price is also fixed with the current mintme token growth so the potential woofing value will be safe to the price fluctuation of the 'master' token. It is a little bit different from the rest of the woofprojects around here, but this is how we woof apart. Not with high prices, not with airdrops/sharedrops and certainly not by sudden woofing token spills that woof up the board.